Red Faction Movie in the Works

THQ is banking a lot of green on the idea that game players and moviegoers can't get enough red.

Red Faction that is.

Speaking with CVG, THQ core VP Danny Bilson revealed THQ's new "trans media" strategy, which will see the development of several of their video game properties into films. Bilson went out his way to mention that Red Faction will be part of this new strategy.

The Red Faction series, which was developed by THQ studio Volition, deals with civil war and corporate evil on a terraformed and colonized Mars. It first hit PCs and home consoles in 2001 and the latest game in the series, Red Faction: Guerrilla, was released last year to very strong reviews. The game's focus has always been on it's destructible environments, so a Red Faction movie will probably feature plenty of stuff getting the snot blown out of it.

Bilson was light on details, but he did say that further announcements were likely to be made soon. But considering how long these things take it's probably safe to assume that the Red Faction movie isn't going to be released in conjunction with Red Faction 4, which is due in March 2011. Here's betting on some massive Red Faction 5/Red Faction movie corporate synergy.

It's also probably safe to assume that a movie featuring a dude destroying buildings by swinging a giant hammer, and most likely be in 3D.

This is supposedly just one of THQ's many properties that will be getting the movie treatment. What other games by the studio would you like to see made into films? Destroy All Humans? Broken Sword? Big Mutha Truckers?

Source:  CVG

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