'Red Faction' Movie Delayed Until May 2011

Red Faction Movie Delayed until May

Red Faction: Origins has seen a slight delay. Originally set to release in March 2011, the movie set in the Red Faction universe is now set to hit SyFy in May 2011. This delay coincides with the game Red Faction: Armageddon's delay to May 2011 too. Launching a movie and game that relate to each other in the same launch window is nothing new, so it should serve as no real surprise that the powers that be would want Origins and Armageddon to hit around the same time.

Red Faction: Armageddon is a sequel to the critical and commercial success Red Faction: Guerrilla, so there is pedigree for a solid game. Same is true regarding SyFy, the TV home for Red Faction: Origins. As many readers likely know, SyFy was Battlestar Galactica's home for many years. The thought of the two working together to create something fun and cool in the Red Faction universe is something gamers should at least give a chance.

Video-game-based movies have not always been the cream of the crop and the same can often be said regarding made-for-TV movies, but these two seem to have a track record that at least gives hope that the movie will be good. A character driven drama set in the Red Faction universe with potential corruption, warring factions, alien enemies, destruction, destruction, destruction, and more destruction could be really awesome. Who knows what exactly will be featured in the movie but there sure seems to be a lot of content and source material to draw upon.

Then again it could just be a cheap made-for-TV-video-game-tie-in that comes out and is ultimately forgotten. No one really knows at this point, all we know is that we will have to wait until May to find out. Fingers crossed Origins and Armageddon are both great.

How do you feel about the delay? Are you excited about Red Faction: Origins? What aspects of the Red Faction universe do you hope the movie will showcase? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Joystiq

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