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Red Faction Armageddon

It seems the team at Volition is trying to get the jump on the upcoming Comic Con news avalanche, promoting their upcoming sequel Red Faction: Armageddon with a new trailer - as well as concept profiles for the Creeper enemy type, Magnet Gun, and Shockwave power.

Despite the uninspired launch of Red Faction: Guerilla, THQ is making a big push for the next Red Faction series installment - and judging by this new batch of images and video, there's certainly reason to be optimistic.

If you've seen the Red Faction: Armageddon E3 trailer, you'll remember that the narration was often punctuated by the video feed intentionally shuttering to black - offering only brief glimpses of the action taking place on the Martian landscape.

This time around, Volition isn't pulling any punches - mixing cinematic cut-scenes with in-game action to prove that Armageddon can stand toe to toe with the other high-profile third-person shooter title arriving in the Spring of 2011, Gears of War 3.

Check out the Red Faction: Armageddon Cinematic trailer:


THQ has put a lot of energy, and resources, behind the new title - so much as offering Red Faction: Guerilla as a bonus download for anyone who purchased Darksiders in the first couple months. The deal certainly forecasted Volition and THQ's confidence in Armageddon - and coupled with the new trailer, the sequel definitely appears to be a step in the right direction.

red faction armageddon shockwave
red faction armageddon magnet gun
red faction armageddon creeper.jpg

Hopefully Red Faction: Armageddon will capitalize on the strengths of Guerilla (the gameplay) while improving upon its less desirable elements (story and repetition). Guerilla had a solid foundation on multiple fronts - though the overall story was a mess, the basic premise is brimming with potential (no doubt why THQ is shopping the film rights around) and the combat, though repetitive, was generally enjoyable.

Given the recent successes of titles such as Assassin's Creed II and Red Dead Redemption, which managed to build hours of terrific gameplay on their less-impressive predecessors, there's a strong possibility that Red Faction: Armageddon could be one of the top titles of next year.

Make sure to check out our Red Faction: Armageddon preview coverage for an in-depth analysis of the title, as well as our initial impressions of some of E3 live-demo as well as the new elements - including the aforementioned Magnet Gun.

What do you think of the new Red Faction: Armageddon cinematic trailer? What else are you hoping to see in the upcoming Red Faction installment?

Red Faction: Armageddon will arrive on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2011.

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