Red Dead Revolver Now Available On PS4

Red Dead Revolver Now Available On PS4 - Red Dead Revolver cover art

Rockstar Games quietly releases the PlayStation 2 game Red Dead Revolver on the PlayStation Store for PS4, complete with enhanced visuals and trophy support.

Last month, Red Dead Revolver was released on the PlayStation Store in the UK and Australia by mistake, with a higher price tag than most PS2 games on PS4 and no Platinum trophy. It was quickly pulled from the PS Store, but as of today, Red Dead Revolver is once again available to download on PlayStation 4 for those regions in addition to North America, with trophy support and enhanced visuals.

There may be many gamers that aren't familiar with Red Dead Revolver, but are intimately familiar with its followup, Red Dead Redemption. For the uninitiated, Red Dead Revolver is similar to Red Dead Redemption in that it is also a Western game, though it is more of an over-the-top Spaghetti Western than it is a serious take on the Old West. It's also a linear, cover-based shooter as opposed to an open world action game like Red Dead Redemption is, which may be why it doesn't get quite as much attention as its sequel.

Even though it doesn't have a lot in common with the better-received Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Revolver is still a game worth checking out. We listed Red Dead Revolver as one of the 10 PS2 games we want on PS4, and for good reason. Red Dead Revolver features some solid third-person shooter gameplay, and it provides a relatively unique experience when it comes to the Rockstar Games library of releases.

Red Dead Revolver Now Available On PS4 - Red Dead Revolver characters

Trophy buffs may be disappointed that the game doesn't have a Platinum trophy, though, and that may keep them from shelling out the cash for the PS4 version. It's odd that Red Dead Revolver lacks a Platinum trophy on PS4 when most PS2 Rockstar games on the system have one, including the PS4 versions of the Grand Theft Auto games. To date, no reason has been given for Red Dead Revolver lacking a Platinum trophy, but perhaps Rockstar Games or Sony will clarify soon.

For those that don't care about trophies, Red Dead Revolver's release on PS4 gives them the opportunity to see where the Red Dead franchise all began. It also will give them something else to play as they wait for news on the rumored Red Dead Redemption 2, which could be announced any day now.

In fact, the addition of Red Dead Revolver to the PlayStation 4's growing library of PS2 games could be a sign that an announcement for the next game in the series is imminent. Rockstar Games has promised to reveal its next game soon, and with Red Dead Revolver now on PS4 and Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One, it's not unreasonable to believe that an announcement could come before the end of the year.

Red Dead Revolver is available for PS2, Xbox, and PS4.

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