Red Dead Retribution is NOT The Title of Rockstar's New Game


After a Reddit user reported that Rockstar's new game's title is Red Dead Retribution, internet sleuths manage to prove that the claim as nothing more than a hoax.

Ever since Rockstar tweeted out that red teaser image yesterday, many fans have immediately taken the picture as a sign that Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally coming. Since the image contains nothing more than the Rockstar logo and a red background, some gamers have decided to dig into the source code of Rockstar's website in an attempt to glean more information. Within hours, a Reddit user named rkRusty reported back with claims that they've cracked the source code, and that the new game will be titled Red Dead Retribution. However, while the name would be a worthy title for the hypothetical Red Dead Redemption 2, it appears that the claim is nothing more than a hoax.

After rkRusty posted up an image of Rockstar's website's source code containing the alleged Red Dead Retribution title, Reddit users started questioning the claim almost immediately. After some digging around from the community, the "findings" were quickly debunked as nothing more than a false-positive piece of code that refers to a URL that rkRusty was trying to access - which in this case is Red Dead Retribution - and it has nothing to do with Rockstar.

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This isn't the first time that the Red Dead Retribution title has been thrown around. Just weeks ago, some very convincing flyers containing the fake title started making its way around the internet, only to be revealed that the flyers were nothing more than a fan project. Of course, the name of the speculated Red Dead Redemption sequel is merely one rumor that's been making the rounds in recent weeks.

It has been speculated that the Red Dead Redemption sequel will feature two protagonists, similar to what Rockstar did with its three-protagonist system in Grand Theft Auto 5. Nothing came out of this rumor - unsurprisingly - and the only solid piece of information revealed was that Rockstar Games will reveal new projects soon. Given that Take-Two have previously stated that the developer's next big game won't arrive until April 2017 at the earliest, it seems that fans will have to make do with Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One and Red Dead Revolver on PlayStation 4 until Rockstar shows its hand.

At the moment, we only have speculation to go off of until Rockstar finally confirms Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Retribution or another unrelated title, so stay tuned for any updates or announcements regarding the developer's new game.

Source: Reddit (via VG24/7)

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