Burn Them! Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare Weapons Trailer

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The cavalcade of trailers running up to the October 26th release of Rockstar Games' expansion pack to Red Dead Redemption,  'Undead Nightmare', continues as Rockstar just dropped another one for our perusal. Rather than focusing on the story and characters of 'Undead Nightmare' however, Rockstar's newest trailer gives us a good look at all the wonderful and unorthodox weapons we can look-forward to using to re-kill undead cowboys.

Here is the trailer:


As I said, the arsenal of weapons to be included with the DLC is anything but traditional, but most definitely will make with the zombie-killing. The trailer shows Molotov cocktails to start with, because if zombies hate anything at all it's fire. Then, how about filling those bottles with holy water? It would appear that blessed H20 will drop zombies like flies much more efficiently. Combine either or both of these methods with the ingenious "zombie bait" flare, and you have a recipe for zombie-limbs.

Speaking of zombie-limbs, they will be your ammo for the new blunderbuss. A ridiculous-looking rifle that bears more than a passing resemblance to a Victorian-era elephant-gun. You know, I hate to sound anachronistic, but I cannot explain to you just how long I've been waiting for a game to include the blunderbuss. It is the wackiest-looking weapon ever made, and it looks like it could fire tree trunks. Thank you, Rockstar Games.

So, to clarify, first you bait the zombies with flares. When they get close, blow them to smithereens with your holy water, and then collect the left-over limbs that remain and stick them in your blunderbuss to fire back at any survivors still shambling. It's like the circle of life, only with lots of death.

I have to admit, once the initial excitement of Red Dead Redemption wore off, the multiplayer wasn't solid enough to keep me enthralled and the game went back to the shelf quicker than I had ever anticipated it would. The DLC that came afterwards didn't interest me in the slightest either, since they essentially were content packs that extended the experience I had already moved-on from.

'Undead Nightmare' however, appears to be different than the other DLC. It is a genre-modification expansion pack, rather than more content within the same themes. It alters what the game is in exciting ways. Sure, throwing zombies into the mix seems like a soft-ball decision for a lot of development houses these days, but this DLC takes what was a traditional western adventure game and transforms it into a horror movie. That alone is worth the price of admission, surely.

I'm buying this one, what about you guys?

The 'Undead Nightmare' DLC for Red Dead Redemption will be available for download on PlayStation Network for $9.99 and Xbox LIVE for 800MS on October 26th.

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