'Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare' Retail Disc Available

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Retail Available

Players who were into the vast roaming that Red Dead Redemption provided, but didn't want to bother with the tragic story of former outlaw turned figure of the West John Marston, don't worry. Rockstar Games has delivered Undead Nightmare, its last and arguably best piece of DLC for the Redemption saga, as a standalone retail disc for the purchase price of $29.99.

Worried that it's not a good deal? It is. Along with Undead Nightmare, the disc also includes all of the DLC released for Red Dead Redemption to date: Outlaws to the End, Legends and Killers (trailer here), Liars and Cheats (our review), as well as the free-roam multiplayer modes, challenges, and achievements related to those add-ons.

Rockstar CEO Sam Houser called Undead Nightmare "an entirely new game from Red Dead Redemption's amazing open-world." If you can't trust the word of the CEO, read our review. Undead Nightmare really is a great and unique take on the survival-horror/zombie genre in videogames. Besides, who didn't have fantasies of Clint Eastwood shooting zombies after he rode off into the wilderness in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?

Also of note, players will not require a copy of Red Dead Redemption to play any of the content on the disc, but will be required to have an Xbox LIVE membership for any online play.

For players who just can't get enough Undead Nightmare, the soundtrack is available on iTunes. Given how amazing the soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption is, it would be a disservice not to at least check out the haunting tunes of Bill Elm and Woody Jackson, as well as tracks from Kreeps and Misterio.

Red Dead Redemption has certainly been one of the most critically acclaimed games to come out this year, and with good reason -- it is exceptional, especially when it's set against a zombie backdrop.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Disc Bundle is available now for Xbox 360 and PS3 for $29.99.

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