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Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Multiplayer Mode Undead Overrun

You might be on Red Dead Redemption overload with all of the news regarding the Undead Nightmare pack, but Rockstar has another treat (or trick) in store for gamers and this one is a goodie. Included with the zombie DLC is going to be a new multiplayer mode titled 'Undead Overrun' that pits a group of players against waves of the undead.

Similar to the type of game mode players experienced in Call of Duty: World at War’s zombie mode, Undead Overrun pits 2-4 players against an increasingly difficult waves of zombies. The goal is simple: survive. Struggle to keep the undead charge at bay with the new weapons unique to the Undead Nightmare pack, but don’t get too greedy because ammo is scarce and the zombies are hungry for brains. Rockstar was even so kind as to unveil a new trailer for the mode to give you a better look at Undead Overrun. Check it out:

That narrator doesn’t seem to have a positive outlook on life does he? Maybe he should just stick to operating the creepy elevator at the local Haunted Mansion. Many of the staples of a survival mode are making an appearance in Overrun including kill chains and revival of teammates. I just want to get my hands on some phosphorous bullets so I can watch some zombies burn.

While many were anticipating a new change of pace for Red Dead’s single player with the new DLC, I certainly wasn’t expecting a new multiplayer mode that would tie in the whole zombie epidemic. Getting to experience an onslaught of zombies with a couple of friends is certain to keep the arguably problematic multiplayer going for some time to come.

Undead Nightmare, when it was first announced, seemed like it was trying to cash in on the zombie add-on craze that diversified the selection of many games. Now, after seeing trailers for the DLC and reading our hands-on impressions of it, I believe that there is a solid experience to be had with the Undead.

What do you think of Undead Overrun? Does it have you more interested in Undead Nightmare or do you still have your heart set on the single player element?

Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare rises up from the grave on October 26th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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