Red Dead Redemption Short Film

Filmmaker John Hillcoat has come out with a digital Red Dead Redemption short film adaptation, and Game Rant is here to provide you with both the goods, and some feedback - in case you missed the original broadcast.

Firstly, it should be noted that the film primarily uses in-game cutscenes to progress the storyline - ultimately an adaptation of an early story segment in the actual Rockstar game. As such, if you don't want to have any plot spoilers (before you've played one of the best games this year), I suggest not reading any further.

The film is half an hour long and was edited by Barry Alexander Brown - and we've got to admit, for a game that hasn't been out too long, it's impressive to see that it could provide enough content for a half-hour film (especially since the film only covers the first act), and with impressive editing to boot.

Without further ado, here's the film:


One thing that bugged me in the adaptation, though I still liked it, was that it relied very heavily on the cutscenes and as a result of that, people who have played the game before are probably a bit disappointed with the lack of surprises in the adaptation. It's almost like watching someone play the game after you've beaten it, albeit with improved camera positioning.

Granted, they did change small segments of the plot - to hurry it along. But in a pinch, it's the same as the game we played. I think that's why the movie falls short of being anything special -  though it still does a pretty good job of just being...'good'.

Also, you have to admit, the shootout they did at the end of the movie was really well done for some in-game action (though their 'indifferent' facial expressions as they fired at eachother in a life-or-death battle was pretty miffing).

What did you think of the Red Dead Redemption short film?

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