‘Red Dead Redemption’ Studio Hiring for Next Project

By | 1 year ago 

As secretive as many game developers are, sometimes information just can’t be contained, especially when people’s jobs are involved. A little while ago, a contract worker’s LinkedIn page revealed that Guillermo del Toro’s production studio, Miranda Studios, might be working on cinematics for Fallout 4, while a Mass Effect 4 job posting all but confirmed that the game will ship with some kind of multiplayer.

It gets better, too. While the job postings from Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar San Diego don’t reveal what the company’s next game actually is, fans now have a pretty good idea as to what it’ll contain. And not to get anybody’s hopes up, but these job ads make it sound like the studio’s next title could be the long awaited Red Dead Redemption 2

The bulk of the information comes from Rockstar’s ad for a graphics programmer, who will need to “develop new and enhance existing graphics technologies… to help achieve state-of-the-art visuals.” There’s also a focus on consoles; job applicants need to have shipped at least one “console or PC” title, with preference given to “Xbox and/or PlayStation consoles.” However, that’s not all. Potential network programmers will work on “a Rockstar open world game,” while a gameplay programmer will “create the illusion of densely populated worlds.”

Red Dead Redemption Mystery Man

Admittedly, this could be anything; all the job ads say for sure is that the game will have cutting edge graphics, an open world game design, a detailed setting, and will appear on consoles. While that description squashes the possibility that Rockstar is prepping Red Dead Redemption’s long-rumored PC port, it could describe many games, and Rockstar’s mystery title might belong to another classic franchise – if not something brand new.

However, Rockstar San Diego hasn’t released a game since Red Dead Redemption came out five years ago, and a Red Dead sequel’s been rumored for a long time, especially since a a Rockstar graphics programmer’s resume appeared online a couple of years ago listing work on the “next version of a famous IP.” Given that Rockstar executives consider Red Dead Redemption one of their permanent franchises, it’s a safe bet that a follow-up will appear eventually. Is now the time?

Whatever Rockstar San Diego has in store, it’s going to be big. The company currently has 36 positions open, indicating that it’s gearing up for a major project. With E3 just around the corner, expect news sooner rather than later.

Source: GameSpot