A user on Reddit discovers a screenshot on a former Rockstar employee’s website which may indicate the imminent return of the Red Dead Redemption franchise.

With E3 2016 just a couple weeks away, the rumor mill is starting to churn as it typically does this time of the year. Many rumors are starting to center around Rockstar with fans wondering what the studio has been working on since it released Grand Theft Auto V across a variety of platforms. Many fans are hoping a return to the old west with a new entry in the Red Dead franchise, and thanks to some sleuthing from a particular Reddit user, fans may be hearing from John Marston sooner than later.

Interestingly enough, a Reddit user named WColt stumbled upon what many are calling a screenshot from the unannounced and rumored Red Dead Redemption Remaster. The user was poking around on ex-Rockstar employee, Matt Clyne’s website and stumbled into a screenshot which was inside a password protected folder. Not knowing the password, WColt instead grabbed the visible URL for the specific image, and opened it in a new browser window. Seeing it in a larger size, the user realized that the image is of a higher quality version than what was in the original game.

red dead redemption theives landing house

Other users have begun to notice subtle but important differences in the image as well, with many believing that the screenshot is from a version of the game running on the newer RAGE engine seen in Grand Theft Auto V. Another Reddit user points out that a chromatic aberration effect can be seen around the poles and other objects in the image, something that has become somewhat of the norm in newer games, and was certainly prevalent in the current gen versions of GTAV.

While all this is potentially very exciting, one thing to keep in mind here is that the image may not be what it appears. Matt Cline also has a screenshot showing a gun fight in the Tesoro Azul location with a filter on it making it look different, so these images could be nothing more than modified concept art based on the original game.

The evidence for a potential for a Red Dead announcement is starting to mount however. The biggest piece of the puzzle is the fact that Take Two is planning some big announcements at E3 this year. This isn’t typical for the company, especially for Rockstar which traditionally skips out on the event entirely. The level of enthusiasm from the company leads many to believe that the some big name titles could be revealed including a Red Dead Redemption remaster and a proper sequel.

Secrets are increasingly becoming tougher and tougher to keep in the games industry these days it seems. Last year prior to E3, screenshots and short videos for a game that would later be revealed as Gears of War Ultimate Edition, hit the web. While the leaks ultimately resulted in the users getting severely punished, Microsoft did go on to confirm the game a few weeks later at E3 2015.

Are you interested in revisiting Red Dead Redemption on current gen consoles? What are you hoping to see from Take Two at E3 this year? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit (via Matt Cline Zenfolio)