red dead redemption ps3 outfit

A few copies of Red Dead Redemption have escaped their local jailhouse and are high-tailing it out of dodge – revealing unannounced PS3 exclusive content in the process.

We all know Red Dead isn’t due in stores until this Tuesday, May 18th but PS3 users who received their copy a bit early (from those wily mom and pop retailers) may have noticed the packaging advertises the “Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout” and the “Walton Gang Outfit” (seen above) as exclusives for PS3 owners.

You may be saying to yourself, “Well, maybe the Xbox 360 version has exclusive content too.” While we can’t altogether deny the possibility, we can confirm that the Xbox 360 boxes do not advertise any exclusive content.

While neither of the exclusives are on par with Batman: Arkham Asylum‘s “Joker” exclusive, the content will undoubtedly cause a few last minute pre-order switcheroos.

Check out an image of the pre-order case, courtesy of Joystiq, after the jump:

red dead redemption ps3 exclusive

It’s an interesting development and I think we’ve all got some questions – why wouldn’t Sony have marketed the exclusive content? Why are we just now finding out about this? Why secure exclusive content if you’re not going to leverage it during the pre-order period – the time at which most industry-savy consumers are deciding which version to buy?

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers.

Should the exclusive content be a deal breaker, make sure to get into your local game retailer, if you’re thinking about changing your pre-order, because time is running out.

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What do you think of the PS3 exclusive content? Is it enough to make you change your pre-order?

Red Dead Redemption will be released this Tuesday, May 18th on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: JoystiqGame Informer