For several years now gamers have been clamoring for a PC port of Rockstar Games‘ critically acclaimed Old West title Red Dead Redemption, only to have those requests seemingly fall on deaf ears. Rockstar is well aware that there is a fan base eager to see the game ported to Windows, they’ve indicated as much several times since RDR‘s release on last-gen consoles, but the developer has yet to deliver.

Still, the hope is kept alive by Rockstar’s rabid fan base, who just recently uncovered another clue pointing towards a PC port for Red Dead Redemption. It could be nothing, but is still worth considering given the demand for the game on the platform.

The latest clue comes in the form of a game page for Windows 8.1’s Compatibility Center, which lists Red Dead Redemption as a compatible game for the platform. Check the page out below:

Red Dead Redemption Coming to PC

Obviously, as was previously mentioned, there is currently no PC version of Red Dead Redemption that we know of. So the question then becomes why is there a compatibility page for a game that doesn’t exist?

The easy answer might be that the page was made in error, or simply as a preventative measure, but that’s far less interesting. Rather, we’d like to hope it indicates that a PC port of Red Dead Redemption is on the way, and this page is our first substantial clue towards its existence. Perhaps after 4 years of gamer petitions and pleas, Rockstar has finally given in.

At the same time, it’s hard to imagine Rockstar Games would be willing to develop a PC port for Red Dead Redemption when there is a more lucrative opportunity in porting Grand Theft Auto 5 to the platform. By now the type of sales Rockstar could expect to see from a PC port of Red Dead pales in comparison to the potential windfall that would follow a PC version of GTA 5. In fact, there have been just as many clues and rumors that point to a PC port of Grand Theft Auto 5 now as there were back when Red Dead Redemption hit in 2010. The same is true for current-gen ports of the 2013 release, which have also been rumored for quite a while.

If Rockstar was prone to making regular appearances at E3 2014 we might say this will all be cleared up early next month, but chances are Rockstar will make an announcement regarding a potential PC port of Red Dead or GTA 5 (if there is an announcement to be made) whenever they choose. It’s for that reason that clues like this gain so much traction.

Do you think that Red Dead Redemption will ever come to PC? Which should be a higher priority: Red Dead or Grand Theft Auto 5?

Source: NeoGAF (via CVG)

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