New Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption Built in GTA 5 Engine

Red Dead Redemption 5 Mod

It's been almost a month since the creators behind the Red Dead Redemption modification for Grand Theft Auto 5 exploded into the spotlight, but the team behind the unofficial mod has used this time wisely. The group has been importing assets from the Xbox 360 edition of Red Dead Redemption, and - with the town of Armadillo as a fine example - has been moderately successful in doing so. To show off the last month of hard work, the team behind the so-called Red Dead Redemption 5 modification has now released a new screenshot (pictured above) to celebrate the occasion.

Of course, it's not just still images that are trotting over the sun-swept horizon: the team also announced that a video trailer is due to arrive on April 21. It's not currently known whether a Grand Theft Auto version of John Marston (or even Trevor, for that matter) will make an appearance, but in any event we're sure fans of either series will be curious to see what the wild west looks like when rendered in an engine meant for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto Modification

A beta for the modification is slated to arrive this summer, though gamers hoping to posse up will be out luck: the development team has explicitly stated that this modification won't extend to Grand Theft Auto Online, with the scope of the modification exclusively pertaining to offline 'story mode' experiences - though it has yet to be determined if this means actual missions from the original title have been ported over as well. The team estimates that the finished modification will fill a modest 2 gigabytes of hard drive space, which should make it highly accessible for most PC gamers who already have room for Grand Theft Auto 5.

rdr gta 5 1

Ironically, it looks like this modification may just give GTA 5 fans their first taste of oft-requested single player content for the game, albeit in unofficial form. There's still plenty of work to be done for the team behind the mod, and currently fans don't even know if the aptly titled Red Dead Redemption 5 is even in a playable state. Tomorrow's trailer will help answer a lot of basic questions, though today's screenshot already answered one of them: cowboys have found their way to the wild west, indicating that the team has not only imported a world, but has found out a way to appropriately populate it as well.

Will you be tuning in for modification's first trailer tomorrow, Ranters?

Source: GTAForums

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