Red Dead Redemption Meets Grand Theft Auto 5 in Upcoming Mod

Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto Modification

Many gamers are still feeling pretty salty about Rockstar Games' decision never to port Red Dead Redemption onto the PC platform, something which gamers have been coveting ever since the game's console release in 2010. It should come as no surprise that many ambitious modders have attempted to bring the Wild West over to the engine of Grand Theft Auto 5, and it's only 7 years later that a single dedicated group of modders looks to be on the cusp of actually doing it.

Creatively titled Red Dead Redemption 5, the goal of the modification is simply to bring the world of Red Dead Redemption into Grand Theft Auto 5, with online multiplayer being made possible through third party clients. The creators don't condone the use of this modification in GTA Online, since it would be quite the literal game-changer.

Right now the team is working on cracking the code to import assets from the Xbox 360 version of Redemption into their PC-based engine, a task which is far easier said than done. Evidently, though, that's not to say it's an impossible process.

Red Dead Redemption Armadillo

Since the console files of Red Dead Redemption are encrypted in a Rockstar Games proprietary format, the key for these files must first be reverse engineered through the executable file. Once this process is complete, the files are still hashed using an algorithm called Jenkin's Hash, lack a parsable naming structure, and are jumbled together in a manner which makes extracting them nearly impossible.

A beta for the unofficial modification is due to arrive this summer, so gamers looking to live out the fantasy of what Trevor would do in the wild west won't have too much longer to wait. While other Rockstar Games titles like Vice City have been imported into GTA 5's engine already, this is the first time gamers may be able to drive that Banshee down the streets of Armadillo. No news on if horses will also be herded into the engine, though.

What do you think about seeing Red Dead Redemption as a Grand Theft Auto 5 mod, Ranters? Would you download it?

Red Dead Redemption is available now on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Source: GTA Forums

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