Red Dead Redemption: Double XP Weekend on Xbox Live

red dead redemption double xp on xbox live this weekend

This weekend, Rockstar games invites members of the online community torack up double multiplayer experience points in the world of Red DeadRedemption. From 1pm EST Friday, August 13 to midnight EST Sunday, August15, as part of a posse or riding solo, explore the wide open spaces of NewAustin, soak in modernity and sophistication in West Elizabeth, or take partin the burgeoning revolution in Nuevo Paraiso to earn double XP and level upat twice the speed. Gaining XP unlocks new weapons, mounts and characters,which can be accessed in the Outfitter menu.

With its nine new multiplayer maps, the newly released Legends & KillersPack offers even more locations and challenges to earn double XP. Take onfree-for-all or team based matches in brand new maps made specifically foronline play, including Blackwater, Fort Mercer, and Rio Bravo.

Whether conquering gang hideouts or other posses, Red Dead Redemption’smultiplayer world offers an engaging and completely innovative multiplayerexperience.

So there you have it, folks. If you're still playing Red Dead Redemption online - specifically on Xbox Live since this press release does not mention either PC or PSN - make it your business to jump on this weekend and milk that juicy double XP for all its worth. Conversely, if you're just getting started into the multiplayer component of RDR, this is your golden opportunity to fast-track that first avatar upgrade from the homeless-looking guy with the half-dead donkey to an actual cowboy with real hair and the kung-fu grip.

It's no secret that many developers and publishers implement limited or even continuous double XP periods as a means of injecting new life into an otherwise waning property. It is also no secret that Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes disappointed the majority of players with its loose, uncoordinated Free Roam mode, poorly-implemented posse-system, and general lack of direction or focus to the overall experience.

Generally I see the "double XP weekend" maneuver as a publisher's desperate attempt to regain a lost audience. In the more popular online games, however, a double XP weekend usually indicates a "last-hurrah" and a gracious end to a once-bountiful player community. Whether either apply to Red Dead Redemption is not for me to say. I don't have any insight into the game's popularity other than how no one on my Friends List is playing it any more.

Could a double XP weekend really be the answer Rockstar is looking for to bolster its online numbers? Furthermore, is this double XP weekend going to draw you back into the world of Red Dead Redemption?

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