'Red Dead Redemption' Double XP Weekend Coming Up

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Many gamers waited anxiously to take on the zombie hoard in the latest DLC for Red Dead Redemption, 'Undead Nightmare'. Those who downloaded the DLC on PSN and Xbox Live this week will be happy to know that Rockstar is giving out double the XP this weekend to celebrate the release of the latest DLC.

The double XP is not limited to the multiplayer modes of Undead Nightmare, such as Undead Overrun. Gamers will be able to gain double the experience in all multiplayer modes from both the DLC and the original modes that shipped with Red Dead Redemption. Even though the extra XP can be gained from all modes, it's pretty obvious that gamers will be spending much of their time with friends mowing down zombies over the Halloween weekend.

Some may be experiencing zombie fatigue. It seems every popular game either has a zombie killing add-on or is centered around just taking down waves of the undead. These games aren't usually bad, however it is a continuing trend which should come to a close soon. The gaming industry needs a new meme or maybe it needs to revisit an old one. I feel the pirates vs. ninjas meme wasn't pushed to it's full potential. Right now the zombies are here and Undead Nightmare takes a new twist to this trend by not only adding a fun multiplayer component but also a quality single player experience. For more check out our hands-on impression of Undead Nightmare.

Have you downloaded Undead Nightmare? Will you be taking advantage of the double xp weekend to slay zombies with you friends?

The Undead Nightmare DLC is available now for download on PSN and Xbox Live. Gamers who haven't picked up any of the DLC can purchase the stand-alone disk which includes all four DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption on November 23rd.

Source: Eurogamer

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