'Red Dead Redemption' Double XP Weekend Starts Now

Red Dead Redemption Double XP Weekend Thanksgiving

Massive helpings of turkey and stuffing aren't the only thing to look forward to this holiday weekend, thanks to Rockstar Games' latest announcement. In celebration of their recently released Undead Nightmare DLC package, the developers are offering twice the XP to players of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer over the entire 4-day weekend. The event will effect absolutely all XP earned stating today and running until midnight on Sunday, November 28th.

If the campaign was all you spent your time with when the game launched months ago, then now is the time to start playing online. The new Undead Nightmare pack not only brings a whole new zombie-tacular storyline to the epic of John Marston, but manages to be a fantastic expansion by itself.

Rockstar has already given the double-XP promotion to convince players to try out the new DLC, so players should see this as a second chance to see what you've been missing out on.

If the new weapons, or the chance to try your hand at some multiplayer horse racing hasn't been enough to get you taking part in the downloadable content for Red Dead, then maybe this chance to double your earnings is what you've been waiting for. Given just how many people will be playing the game this weekend, it's safe to say you wouldn't be the only person taking advantage of this weekend's offer to speed up the journey to the rank of Marshal.

So whether you're motivated by trying out some new game modes, seeing old friends one more time, or just shamelessly boosting your stats, it would seem that Red Dead Redemption is where it's at this weekend. Even if you only take advantage this weekend to get a posse together and skin some wildlife, anything and everything that earns XP is included.

So at the very least, Rockstar is giving an excuse to jump back into Blackwater to escape from those visiting relatives. Better yet, show the rest of the family what it's like to be a real-life cowboy, and earn yourself some extra credit in the process.

The Red Dead Redemption double-XP weekend runs from now until Sunday night, which can only mean one thing: "Longbranch Pennywhistlers, Mount Up!"

Source: Rockstar Games

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