Red Dead Redemption Contest

[Update: The Contest is closed and a the winning submission has been selected. Check out Game Rant’s  Red Dead Redemption contest winner!]

Hopefully by now you have been tuning in to Game Rant regularly to keep abreast of the latest news on Rockstar Games’ upcoming cowboy-extravaganza, Red Dead Redemption.   The potent mix of Rockstar’s pedigree, focused on an old-west setting, has been dominating our internal discussions for some time.  If you are anxiously crossing off the days until the game’s release on your John Marston calendar, as we are, and feel like you need a little extra hype-juice to keep you going through this difficult final week, I think we have the contest for you.

The prize is a Red Dead Redemption Combo Swag Pack,which technically consists of items I acquired during my PAX East hands-on with the game.  In the Combo Swag Pack the winner will receive 3 Red Dead Redemption posters, and a fist-full of Rockstar and Red Dead Redemption stickers.

As I said, there has been much internal talk here at Game Rant HQ on the subject of Red Dead Redemption, most prominently on the subject of the official Game Rant Posse.  We pretty much know which of our large staff will be playing it on which platform and when, as well as who will perform which role within the posse, and how.  The only matter we can’t seem to agree on is the posse’s name.

That’s where you come in.  All you need to do is come up with a name for the official Game Rant Posse.  To enter, simply post a comment below with your suggestion for our official Game Rant Posse name.  Whichever name we decide is the best and most befitting of our rag-tag group of grizzled (and devilishly handsome) enforcers will win the spoils, and we might even let you ride with us, side-saddle.  Make sure the account you are posting under has a legitimate email address, though, otherwise we will have to choose another winner.

Well? What are you waiting for, besides May 18th?