Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Unlock the Saint Denis Secret Map

Various mysteries, such as Ghost Trains and UFO's continue to be revealed in Rockstar's huge open world western, Red Dead Redemption 2. One particularly interesting mission in the game leads players to the alleyway next to the Saint Denis church, where they will discover something that is definitely worth seeing. This mission involves finding five mysterious writings scattered across Saint Denis, and they can be found in any order in the following locations.

Clue 1

The first clue is located on the building just above the second "N" in "Saint Denis" on the Red Dead Redemption 2 map. You will see it written on the wall of a red building with white doors.

Clue 2

The second clue is near the Saint Denis market place where the local Fence and Trapper are. It is tucked away in an alleyway behind a gate where there are some neatly stacked barrels.

Clue 3

The third clue is located by the Butcher and General Store on the southwestern side of town. It is on the other side of the shops, tucked away under an overhang.

Clue 4

The fourth clue is found directly north of the post office, tucked away in a corridor. Look to the shot below to chart a path to its locations.

Clue 5

The final clue is found on another wall of the building the previous clue was written on. Simply head up north to get to it, but you will likely have to run around the building to reach it. This building complex is a bit of a labyrinth but stick with it and you will find it eventually.

Final Location

After gathering all five clues, you will be given a map that vaguely tries to point towards a certain direction. The map is ultimately trying to get players to go to a secluded alleyway to the west of the General Store and Butcher. The special event will not trigger until nighttime though, so be sure to advance time at the local saloon. Once it is night, head to the alleyway and prepare for a bizarre event. We won't give it away but it's something special for the Red Dead experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot

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