Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Unanswered Questions We Want Resolved In DLC

RDR 2 Charles Arthur Dutch John and Sadie

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for over a year and people are still talking about it thanks to its ever expanding multiplayer component and massive single-player campaign brimming with hard hitting drama. People who came for the latter would love nothing more than DLC, but it appears as though Rockstar Games is not currently pursuing any single-player story content for the time being.

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At least the PC release added some meat to the side activities. In a world where they did release DLC, here are ten unanswered questions from the main story they'd have to resolve. Who knows, maybe they'll get around to it one day or are already working on it in secrecy.

10 What Really Caused Dutch To Break

The gang's demise comes from Dutch's dwindling mental state. He starts out as an honest thief and lovable leader, but slowly descends into ruthlessness. The game never explains what causes this transition.

Maybe it was the pressure from the law and feeling his way of life becoming obsolete, or maybe it was from the head injury he sustained from the trolley crash during a robbery in Saint Denis. He also could have been just as barbarous the whole time and Arthur never noticed until the situation and his changing moral's shone a light on Dutch's true character.

9 Sadie

In between Chapter Six and the epilogue, Sadie Adler goes into the bounty hunting business. Where she goes after helping John get his life back together and hunting down Micah is a mystery.

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Earlier, she mentions wanting to live in South America, so it's possible she went there to start a new life away from the violence, tragedy, and carnage of her old home. Sadie is one of the best characters in the ensemble, so fans would have no gripes about playing a story exploring her adventures in a new continent.

8 Josiah Trelawny

Josiah Trelawny RDR 2

Josiah Trelawny is a conman out for his own best interests. Fortunately, his goals usually coincide with helping the gang. He is one of the first characters to leave the picture without getting killed once he sees the camp start to fall apart.

He has a family in Saint Denis, so he probably returned to them, but he also wronged a lot of people with his dubious profession. Maybe one of them will come looking for him for some payback.

7 Charles

Most of the living male members of the gang turn their backs on Arthur and John. Charles was one of the few who stuck by the two even when it endangered his life. After taking revenge in the snowy mountains with John and Sadie, he witnesses the former get married and then heads off.

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He briefly mentions wanting to start a family in Canada, so one can assume this is where his road took him, but nothing is set in stone about his life after the credits roll. Fans would love to see him trying to start anew in a different country, finding love and building a home like John did.

6 What's The Deal With Deadeye?

red dead redemption 2 deadeye

In a game so dedicated to realism and simulating an old west experience, it sure is weird how playable characters can slow down time. Don't get us wrong; the game is better for its inclusion because the shooting on its own is less than stellar, but why is it a mechanic?

Maybe those snake oil salesmen were actually onto something. Funnily enough, it is just about the only thing connecting Red Dead Redemption to its spiritual predecessor, Red Dead Revolver. In reality, it is probably better off leaving this one as is rather than looking for a rational explanation.

5 Karen Jones

Karen Jones RDR2

During the course of the game, players see Karen Jones slowly fall into alcoholism. Before the epilogue, she just kind of disappears and is never seen again. One can assume she fell victim to her sickness, but not knowing for sure is a tragedy.

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Perhaps her ambiguous fate is a part of her character's arc. Sometimes, people in life just kind of drop out we never hear from them again. Whatever happened to her, it probably wasn't pleasant. Alcoholism is tough enough to beat and get under control in modern times. One hundred years ago it was probably close to impossible.

4 Strange Man

The first game introduced the Strange Man, an enigmatic figure haunting John. He also makes a few brief appearances in the prequel, but only in pictures and NPC dialogue referring to him. All signs point to him being an embodiment of John's guilt and transgressions, but people are begging for more concrete answers.

Even if no new revelations come to light, having him show up in a single-player expansion would be a treat.

3 Jack Marston

Jack Marston RDR 1 epilogue

DLC doesn't necessarily have to take place in the immediate aftermath of the main game. Fans would be just as excited for a story following Jack Marston after the events of Red Dead Redemption's epilogue. What does he do after getting revenge? Does he put down the gun and try to live an honest life, living up to his father's dying wishes, or does he go headfirst into the outlaw life?

Given the times, living by the gun as a young adult in 1914 would be nearly impossible without the law breathing down one's neck. Additionally, he'd have to start dealing with burgeoning organized crime syndicates.

2 What Did Dutch Do Between The Two Games?

After Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch seemingly drops off the face of the earth, only reappearing a few years later with a new gang. What does he get up to in the interim? Given how feral he is during the first game, one can only imagine what types of barbarism he engaged in while on the run.

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A DLC playing is dutch during this time would be an interesting twist, and probably hard to stomach for a lot of fans. Even the most morally repugnant characters don't do things half as bad as Dutch. People get up to some nasty things in Grand Theft Auto, but Red Dead is more serious, lacking its sibling series' dark comedy.

1 Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister

Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister

This mystery unraveled ever so slightly after the PC release. Players found her character in the game's files, but are still clueless as to her whereabouts in the world. Perhaps she is nowhere to be found. Some missing people sadly never show up again.

Maybe they'll add a conclusion to her story eventually. She has been missing since she was a small child, and it's impossible to imagine the grief her family and friends must feel at losing a loved one in a foreign land. For their sake, we hope this story gets resolved soon.

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