Red Dead Redemption 2: The 10 Characters Who Should Have Their Own Game, Ranked

During the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, the world is filled with so many fleshed out and memorable characters. Now that both Arthur Morgan and John Marston have both led their own video games, it seems only right to start speculating which other characters could lead the next game. Most people are looking for redemption in one way or another and Rockstar Games could make a worthwhile experience for many of their characters.

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Let's look at 10 characters from Red Dead Redemption 2 who should have their own game and rank them.

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10 Javier Escuella

The problem with Javier Escuella is that he was loyal to Dutch to a fault. It's normally a respected trait, but not so much when the man you're loyal to is quickly losing his mind and intelligence. Javier was an infamous revolutionary fighter in Mexico before his days with the gang.

Playing as him during the events that led to him killing a former military man who was rather powerful could make for a mesmerizing experience. He did it for a woman he loved which could be the core of a solid narrative surrounding Javier.

9 Hercule Fontaine

Hercule Fontaine was the rebel leader who the Van Der Linde Gang befriend during their imprisonment on the island of Guarma. He's a Haitian born man who looks to be in his 20's and wanted to take down Colonel Fussar more than anything.

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After they escape, he disappears, never to be seen again. A game featuring Fontaine could focus on him rescuing slaves across the United States. In a weird turn of events, he could also end up being a future villain to outlaws in Red Dead Redemption 3.

8 Leopold Strauss

On the surface, Leopold Strauss was a heartless bookkeeper that Arthur became disgusted by. The truth of the matter is that for better or worse he was good at his job. He knew how to acquire a steady flow of money for the Van Der Linde Gang.

A money management simulator where you navigate the west trying to broker and claim loans could be pretty interesting. It would be more of a strategy game and would have players weighing the scales between profit and morality.

7 Angelo Bronte

A game based on an Italian mobster trying to build an empire in a city very much inspired by New Orleans sounds great, right? Angelo Bronte may have been one of the villains in Arthur's way, but that doesn't mean his rise to power isn't interesting.

Rockstar Games has a track record of making games based on mobsters and gangsters, so couldn't a Bronte-focused narrative be successful? At the end of the day, players know what they'd get from it based on track record and familiarity.

6 Lenny Summers

A game focused on Lenny Summers is impossible unless it takes place before his time with the gang as he ended up perishing in Saint Denis. Lenny lived a troubled life growing up and he likely wanted to go on a journey of revenge and self-discovery in honor of his mother.

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If Hosea Matthews had his way Lenny would have changed to a hardworking life of honesty and happiness. His life was cut short, but in an alternate reality, he followed Hosea Matthews' sage advice and tried to find happiness.

5 Hosea Matthews

Speaking of Hosea, the man was Dutch's confidant and the only opinion he ever really cared about. This means that Dutch respected Hosea and understood he had a life of experiences that taught him invaluable lessons.

A game in which you navigate the life of a swindler and outlaw that features Hosea and Dutch partnering up could feature some incredible set pieces. The crimes they pulled off in their youth probably featured a lot more physical aspects that disappeared as they aged.

4 Simon Pearson

Simon Pearson was the gang's cook and was often in charge of making sure they had the supplies they needed. During the epilogue, players learn that he has since opened a general store and is making an honest living.

Though Simon isn't a hero or an outlaw, it would be great to play a store management or cooking game with him as the main character. They could call it Cooking Redemption, or something like that. It would surely come as a surprise to those expected another open-world adventure.

3 Dutch Van Der Linde

In his latter days, Dutch Van Der Linde turned into a crazy and chaotic force that was only interested in his well-being. As a younger outlaw and thief, he was a charismatic and charming fellow who met tons of unique individuals.

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Having players take on the life of a young Dutch could be fulfilling as they could see first-hand how the gang came to be over several years. You'd get to see all of the encounters he had with people who would come to join the Van Der Linde Gang.

2 Charles Smith

To many people who played through the game, it's hard to pick a more genuine and loyal member of the gang than Charles Smith. He was a big strong man who wanted to do the right thing if it meant those close to him were safe, secure, and happy. After helping John and Abigail he left and his fate was kept uncertain.

Here's hoping he became a prize-fighting boxer and a Native American legend. He was a good person with a strong work ethic and had a way to empathize with people in his own way.

1 Sadie Adler

Outside of having arguably the best character arc in video game history, Sadie is a strong, confident, and self-assured woman who would be the perfect focus of her own game. As a bounty hunter, her job takes her to many places and could have her on a chase away from the events of John's story.

It would flip the Red Dead Redemption formula as you would be the hunter as opposed to the hunted. She would be on a journey of growth as she tried to get over the hate in her heart over her husband's death.

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