Following the rumors that Nintendo is going to host a Nintendo Direct event on January 11, there have been additional rumors about what may be announced. Fans continue to speculate about major Nintendo Switch releases, including ports of some of the biggest games around.

One rumor currently doing the rounds is that a Red Dead Redemption remaster is in development for the Nintendo Switch. This rumor originates from an infamous Reddit leaker named DasVergeben, who recently posted two giant masterposts full of leaked information.

In the latest of these masterposts, the leaker reveals that Rockstar Games has something else planned for the Nintendo Switch outside of the (rumored) Grand Theft Auto 5 port. This other project “sounds like it may be a Red Dead Redemption remaster,” says DasVergeben.

The validity of this rumor is highly questionable. DasVergeben claims to have “multiple sources” from multiple companies, including Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Nintendo. While it’s not uncommon for sources to be anonymous, it does raise eyebrows that DasVergeben does not, or is unable to, provide more specifics about the sources. For example, are these sources executives at Nintendo? Or are they production assistants? How are they involved in these projects and how would they have access to this information?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Nintendo Switch port rumor

There’s also the fact that the first of DasVergeben’s masterposts was not entirely correct and the poster also has a spotty track record. For example, their suggestion that Devil May Cry 5 would be announced at PlayStation Experience was way off.

Additionally, it seems highly unusual that Rockstar Games would release Red Dead Redemption on the Nintendo Switch when fans are so desperate for the series to come to PC. When porting the game to PC would be easier and there is clear, significant demand for it on the platform, why would Rockstar bring it to the Nintendo Switch instead? The Switch has far fewer players than PC does and business-wise, it makes far more sense to bring the game to PC before the Switch.

With all of this in mind, it seems very unlikely that a Red Dead Redemption remaster is coming to the Switch, much less that it will be announced during the Nintendo Direct. But it’s understandable why some fans may want to believe this and cross their fingers that the information is true.

Players would be able to explore the plains of America on the go, sticking it to the law, and living out their cowboy fantasies. So even if Rockstar isn’t working on a Switch remaster of Red Dead Redemption right now, hopefully, it considers developing one in future.

Source: Reddit