An eagle-eyed member of NeoGAF may have unearthed an eerily predictive post regarding some potentially huge Red Dead Redemption 2 details. As it turns out, almost a year ago a member named ‘reddeadinsider’ dropped some supposed Red Dead Redemption 2 details, but the user was ignored and ultimately deleted their account. Now that the brand new teaser trailer has revealed some character information, someone realized part of the previously ignored post actually matched up with now-confirmed details (like the protagonist’s name, for instance).

So, what else did the mysterious forum poster claim?

For starters, the poster claims that Red Dead Redemption 2 will feature plenty of posse management. Before going on a mission, players will supposedly pick squad members in a similar manner to Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Players also have to keep their outlaw camp on the move, as throughout the game they’re on the run from the Pinkertons – a detective agency that allegedly infiltrated the gang which Arthur Morgan, the protagonist, has aligned himself with.

The real bread and butter of the post lies in who players can allegedly recruit to tag along with the gang, though. Interested gamers should only take a look below if they’re not afraid of potential spoilers:

You acquire lots of members of your gang such as John Marston, Abigail, little Jack, and others. […]

Astute games will recall that Abigail – who is John Marston’s wife – was actually part of the Van der Linde gang that John himself took arms for. She was a prostitute who eventually fell in love with John, a development which led to the birth of Jack Marston. He’s likely the ‘Little Jack’ the poster is referring to, lest there be a surprising namesake toting along in the gang as well.

Beyond this bold prediction, the poster goes on to say that much like the original Red Dead Redemption, the ending of the game features an ‘End Game+’ type scenario that loops in closer to where Red Dead Redemption starts:

There is kind of a game plus like like the last one had. You end up at Beechers Hope and switch control to John Marston. There are then lots of quests etc dealing with building up your ranch. You literally will do x And Z to build a gazebo. I heard someone designed a mini game where you help a mare give birth that had people laughing.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed in any way by Rockstar Games or any public sources. Still, the poster was able to peg the name of the game’s protagonist a year ago, so they really may have been doling out some good information. Only time will tell if the poster was a false alarm (which wouldn’t be the first time for this game), so gamers will have to wait a few more months to uncover the true for themselves.

Red Dead Redemption 2 releases in Spring 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF