Rumor Patrol: Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming in 2017 Says Ex-Rockstar Dev

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Website Frag Hero receives an anonymous e-mail that cites information from an ex-Rockstar Games employee revealing details about the rumored Red Dead Redemption 2.

With Take-Two planning big things for E3 2016, speculation is running rampant as to what the company will have in store for gamers. Well, if a new batch of rumors are to be believed, Take-Two is planning to unveil Red Dead Redemption 2 at this year's E3 event, with the game scheduled to release at some point in fall 2017.

These new Red Dead Redemption 2 rumors stem from an anonymous e-mail received by website Frag Hero. The e-mail claims that an ex-Rockstar Games employee gave them this information about Red Dead Redemption 2, and it reveals more than just the game's planned release window.

According to the e-mail received by Frag Hero, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been in development for over four years and will be released under the title Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West. According to the tipster, Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West will feature more than one playable character like Grand Theft Auto 5, and will reportedly boast a far larger open world than the one found in the original game.

For those that can't wait until 2017 for a Red Dead Redemption experience on current-gen consoles, the e-mail also reveals that the original Red Dead Redemption is being remastered. This could explain why Rockstar Games won't allow Red Dead Redemption to be backward compatible on Xbox One, despite the fact that we know that Microsoft already has the Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption working on the system. This supposed Red Dead Redemption remaster is said to be launching before the end of the year.

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That all being said, remember to take all of this information with a huge grain of salt, as should be done with all Rockstar rumors. An anonymous e-mail from someone claiming to be a former Rockstar employee is hardly a smoking gun, no matter how badly fans want a Red Dead sequel.

However, even though we have no way to confirm this supposed information about Red Dead Redemption 2, we wouldn't be surprised at all to see the game announced at this year's E3 event. After all, Take-Two has discussed Red Dead Redemption 2 for years, and considering the success of the first game, a sequel is a no-brainer.

Furthermore, Take-Two has said that the Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto franchises won't be "milked," meaning it's a little too soon to pump out a new GTA release. However, Red Dead Redemption released in 2010, and if its rumored release window of fall 2017 is to be believed, that puts a seven year gap between releases in the series. That is certainly not "milking" the franchise by any stretch of the imagination, which makes it a more likely possibility than Rockstar developing Grand Theft Auto 6 next.

Regardless of if these rumors are true, one has to imagine that we will see Red Dead Redemption 2 at some point. Whether or not it takes the form of Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West or if it has any of these rumored features remains to be seen, but hopefully we will find out this summer at E3 2016, if not sooner.

The rumored Red Dead Redemption 2 is supposedly set to release in 2017 for unspecified platforms.

Source: Frag Hero

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