Rumor Patrol: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Feature Two Protagonists

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New Red Dead Redemption 2 rumors indicate that the unconfirmed game could be launching with multiple protagonists, similar to what Rockstar Games did with Grand Theft Auto V.

After months of rumors leading up to E3 2016, the yet to be announced sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2 was ultimately a no show at the event. Many fans were expecting some sort of announcement after Take Two excitedly revealed that they would be at the show in a big way, but it seems the quote was in reference to Mafia III, instead of the western. With Rockstar finally admitting that they would be revealing new projects soon, Red Dead rumors have once again started flying.

The latest reports indicate that Red Dead Redemption 2 (or Red Dead 3 as it may be) could have dual protagonists, a very different approach from the previous two games which opted to follow a central story line tied to characters Red Harlow and John Marston respectively. Unfortunately, the rumor details stop there, so additional information such as the setting and who the characters may ultimately be are still very much unknown. Until Rockstar of Take Two confirm such information, fans are urged to take the news with a gain of salt.

Fans shouldn't be too surprised by the multiple protagonist angle if true, as Rockstar has already proven that this design works, letting players switch between three very different protagonists in the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto 5. If dual protagonists are planned, it'll be interesting to see where the story ends up taking place and who is involved considering some of the events that took place in the original story line in Red Dead Redemption.

With Gamescom 2016 arriving as the next major industry event, fans have started to look towards that show as the next possible reveal location for a potential Rockstar announcement. Some major companies have already dropped out of the event such as Sony, so it's entirely possible that a reveal could come, though with other Take Two projects like Mafia III and The BioShock Collection due out much sooner, Take Two could always opt to use the floor space to show off them to eager fans instead. Either way, fans still have a long wait ahead of them as the next Rockstar game isn't due out until April 2017 at the earliest.

Do you think a Red Dead title will ultimately appear at Gamescom 2016? Are you excited about a potential dual protagonist approach or are you hoping for a solid singular hero like John Marston? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead 3 is rumored to be in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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