Why Now Is The Best Time to Get Into Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the biggest games on console this generation. Not just in terms of size and scope of the world and narrative, but in terms of player base and critical acclaim. Now, after a year of waiting, PC players get to play Red Dead 2 starting on November 5. In fact, if Red Dead has been on the backlog list for any reason, now is the best time to get into the game.

Rockstar's original western Red Dead Redemption never saw a release on PC, so while this may not be a huge surprise, it is a pleasant one. The game is sure to look phenomenal on the right machines, and Red Dead Online is better than ever. Without a doubt, anyone hesitating to jump into Red Dead Redemption 2 should start right now.

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Red Dead 2 is Finally Coming to PC

Later this year, Red Dead 2 is coming exclusively to the Rockstar PC launcher and Google Stadia. Many players have been waiting for the game to come to their platform of choice and it looks like the PC is getting some bonuses, including an obvious graphical boost. Pre-ordering the game will score players bonus game content like the War Horse and the option to select two classic Rockstar games to download.

This will be the most content rich version of the game. The PC version will even feature new story content. Rockstar said that Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC will come with “new Bounty Hunting Missions, Gang Hideouts, Weapons, and more." As of right now, it is unclear whether there will be new cutscenes, but in the original console version of the game, some bounties included cutscenes so fans can hope to see more of Arthur Morgan's rugged face in the PC port.



Gamers who don't own a PC powerful enough to run RDR2, or if they just don't want to spend $60 on a year old game, can get the game for less than $40 at this point. The game looks and runs well even on the base consoles and Rockstar is still supporting it with major updates to Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Just Got a Major Update

Since its launch, Red Dead Online has been slowly adding content like the "Gun Rush" battle royale mode and legendary bounties. In September, Rockstar added a major expansion entitled Frontier Pursuits. The free DLC adds two significant new features to Red Dead Online. 

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The largest addition to the progression of Red Dead Online is the addition of specialist roles. This adds the Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector roles. Players can choose to complete objectives aligned with each profession to earn themselves more gold and skills, as well as access to new free roam events, and kit items. When players reach the top Distinguished ranks for these professions they will earn special outfits to show off their hard work to their friends.

The update also added Outlaw Pass, which is the Red Dead equivalent to a Battle Pass. When purchased, with in-game gold bars,  the Outlaw Pass adds exclusive cosmetic rewards and tiers. Whatever players earn during the period before the Outlaw Pass ends on November 18 will be theirs permanently and forever in the game. Now is the best time to take advantage of this before it expires.

Bully 2 and GTA VI are Still a Ways Out

For as many Bully 2 rumors and mentions of a new Grand Theft Auto in the works that have leaked out, there has still been nothing officially said about which game Rockstar is even planning on releasing next. Recently, information came out that possibly debunked the idea of Bully 2 being a game in active development, suggesting all the rumors and leaks are from a project that "fizzled out" years ago.

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Grand Theft Auto 6, or whatever the next GTA will be titled is said to be in development, but no one really knows at what stage. Recent leaks suggest a return to Vice City, heists, and two playable protagonists including what would be Rockstar's first female protagonist. These may or may not make it in the final game. Given how much Rockstar has invested in GTA Online in GTA V and just how massive that player base is, even compared to Red Dead Online, it's clear they aren't going to give up on that game any time soon. Rockstar isn't historically a developer to release their games for consoles launch year, so the earliest we can expect a GTA sequel is 2021.

For these reasons, it is likely Red Dead Online will continue to be supported for years to come. There won't be any single player DLC, a practice Rockstar has seemingly abandoned in favor of focusing on online experiences, but starting Red Dead Redemption 2 now gives players plenty of time to play the lengthy single player and years worth of online content in the future.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and launches for the PC on November 5. A Stadia version will also launch in November.

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