Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Petition Started by Fans


Soon after the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 and Xbox One, PC fans of the series start an online petition to bring it to home computers.

Although rumors had been rumbling for a long, long time, Rockstar Games has finally confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to see release. The game will launch in fall 2017, and the title has been confirmed for both PS4 and Xbox One. However, that seems to cut out a large chunk of gamers - those who play video games on PC.

Perhaps understandably, some PC gamers have been aggrieved by this apparent snub with regards to Red Dead Redemption 2. As a result, some of those most flustered by the exclusion of PC gamers from all material thus far have taken it upon themselves to start an online petition requesting that the game is released for PC as well as console. Those interested in checking it out, or perhaps adding their signatures, can do so by going to

The reason behind the petition? "Because Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game and we PC players have been denied from playing it," according to its description. "Please don't do the same with Red Dead Redemption 2," requests the petition starter, and so far just under two thousand other PC gamers agree with them.

The original Red Dead Redemption, of course, gained something of a notoriety among the PC gaming community. The title was never released for PC, in spite of seemingly constant and vocal requests for the game to one day see release on the platform. Although there were various rumors over the years that pointed towards PC release for the game, a PC port never saw the light of day, with one designer for the game stating that Rockstar "never even seriously" discussed the option of the game leaving its console base.

Of course, a lot has changed since then with regards to Rockstar's feelings on PC gaming. Although the developer has never released the first Red Dead Redemption on PC, Grand Theft Auto V did eventually see a home computer release, and the success of that title - particularly with regards to multiplayer gameplay, could spur on the developer to consider eventually releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 across further platforms. Since it seems like publisher Take-Two Interactive has registered a domain for Red Dead Online, and the sequel's announcement came with the suggestion of a "brand new online multiplayer experience," it's likely that multiplayer will be key once again.

That said, more will most likely be revealed about the project when the game's trailer drops on Thursday. Until then, gamers excited about the title can dream of what they'd want from the game, and give those Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser images another glance to look for hints at what's to come.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released in fall 2017.

Source: VG247

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