As is now annual tradition in the days leading up to E3, a plethora of leaks have been making their rounds online, with a recent bit of hearsay coming from a supposed Rockstar Games insider revealing information on 4chan’s /v/ boards about Red Dead Redemption 2‘s story and gameplay. Should the details provided by the leaker be believed, thenĀ the forthcoming western sequel is set to star none other than Jack Marston, the son of the prior entry’s protagonist, John Marston.

When it comes to the narrative revolving around the potential protagonist, the Red Dead Redemption 2 leaker said that the game takes place roughly three years after the previous installment, with Jack attempting to put together “some things he finds in his father’s journal after he dies.” In order to do so, Jack seeks out a few of John’s old friends who go on to teach him some secrets related to his pop’s past.

Furthermore, the purported Rockstar employee went on to say thatĀ Red Dead Redemption 2 features a lot of different flashback scenes, such as the one from the reveal trailer involving Dutch’s Gang. Interestingly enough, some of Dutch’s Gang may actually be playable figures in some capacity during the aforementioned flashbacks, which could lend credence to the speculation that the title involves multiple characters that can be controlled by fans during the game.

As far as the leaker’s statements on the overall gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2 is concerned, there are at minimum two mighty sizeable towns for players to explore, and there are apparently a lot of “little places scattered” all throughout the sequel’s map, which is possibly bigger than Grand Theft Auto 5‘s. Apparently, there will be plenty to occupy fans’ time in the upcoming game, as an unspecified amount of features from the previous entry are being brought back. Plus, RDR 2 will supposedly feature heists, allowing players to rob banks, trains, and saloons, while also letting them kidnap people and hold them for ransom.

When it comes to the prospective multiplayer components in Red Dead Redemption 2, the leaker suggested that it’s “very economy driven” with players being able to trade and sell items to each other. Eventually, options like outfitting the back of wagons with Gatling Guns will come into play, too, alongside a selection of different types of exotic mounts like zebras and buffalo. Not to mention, the online portion of the title could feature a selection “5 or 6 different gangs,” with there being separate clubs for anyone to join that involve fishing in boats, strategic hunting of animals with different stats, horse racing, and gambling in a “huge casino.”

All things considered, with there being no actual way for this information to be verified, it should be said that Red Dead Redemption 2 fans ought to take this leak with a huge grain of salt. However, it’s worth noting that the person sharing these details on 4chan’s /v/ forum has actually leaked several bits of Grand Theft Auto news and deals in the past that turned out to be true, so this bit of scuttlebutt could as well. Additionally, the post came with a legitimate picture of Rockstar headquarters, indicating their status as an employee, so here’s to hoping that the leaker’s last suggestion of RDR 2 being at E3 2017 is true.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially in production with a release date of spring 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: 4chan, Reddit