Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Facts About Dutch Van Der Linde

Red Dead Redemption 2 did a lot for fans of the first entry in terms of fleshing out the world and providing more information on John Martson's time with the Van Der Linde gang. It also gave plenty of insight into the mind at the head of that gang, Dutch Van Der Linde. Throughout the game, players learn why Marston wanted to get away from the gang and start his own life.

It also clearly showcases how a leader like Dutch can lose the confidence of his crew. Let's look at 10 facts about Red Dead Redemption 2's gang leader, Dutch Van Der Linde.

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10 Familiar Words

Dutch Van Der Linde desperately tries to sound charismatic and charming, and to the untrained ear, he may be convincing. The problem is that the Van Der Linde gang has heard his speeches numerous times and when his plans continually fail people start to tune him out.

Dutch goes back to the same speeches that the words he speaks to Arthur Morgan during their daring cliff dive towards the end of the game are the same speech he says to John Martson in his dying moments.

9 The Voice

The man behind the voice of the infamous gang leader Dutch Van Der Linde is Benjamin Byron Davis. He's best known for portraying Dutch in both the original Red Dead Redemption and its prequel-sequel Red Dead Redemption 2. Davis has worked with Rockstar Games on other projects as well, as he played a role in L.A. Noire.

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He's had smaller roles in live-action and played a minor part in 2018's Ant-Man & the Wasp. If a future title in the franchise explores more of the gang's past look for Davis to return as the voice of Dutch.

8 Nicknames

Dutch Van Der Linde is a swindler, criminal, and a cheat. This means that over the years he's had to invent new personas to take on during his operations which have led to several alternate and nicknames along the way.

Some of these names include Archibald Smith, Featherstone Chambers, and Aiden O'Malley. Though there are only a handful of these names known, Dutch has been up to no good for several years, so there are likely many more false identities he created throughout that time.

7 Hunting Knife

Often in Red Dead Redemption 2 items that you spot on non-playable characters can be acquired in several ways. Some require you to do a specific set of tasks or find a certain merchant, while others become available when that person passes.

One unique item that you can see throughout the campaign but will never be able to obtain is Dutch's hunting knife. Not only will you never be able to carry it around for yourself, but Dutch himself was never seen using it at any point in the game.

6 Of Two Worlds

The United States was founded by immigrants, and despite what the media might tell you, many of the countries oldest families have ties to multiple cultures and societies across the Atlantic ocean. Dutch Van Der Linde is no different as he is half Irish and half-Dutch. He's able to relate to many of the members of the Van Der Linde gang who also have familial ties to European countries.

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Being from a bloodline of immigrants likely plays a role in Dutch wanting to feel as if he's made a mark on the world around him.

5 Bandana

Everyone, or at least most of the members of the Van Der Linde gang, all sports an all-black bandana to protect their identities during a crime they're committing. Though this was likely a rule set forth by Dutch, he sports a red and white checkered bandana that makes him stand out among the crew.

This is likely due to Dutch's ego and wanting to be clearly defined as the one in charge. You would think a guy who's a career outlaw and criminal would want to sport something a bit more subtle.

4 His Mount

The Count is Dutch's horse and though it's breed is never disclosed it's largely believed to be a White Arabian. It's a strong and muscular horse that communicates that it's the mount of a leader of some kind. Dutch can often be seen as an apathetic leader who's always looking towards the next opportunity, but he cares about The Count.

This is likely because it will remain loyal to him no matter the actions he takes, which is the polar opposite to how he feels about the entire gang.

3 A Horse And It's Rider

We've covered what type of horse Dutch rides throughout the game, but it's time to focus on their relationship with one another. The best source for this info is the main protagonist himself, Arthur Morgan. During the campaign, players can hear Arthur talk about the strangely close bond Dutch has with his horse.

According to Arthur, The Count will not let anyone else ride them under any circumstance. He went on to detail the time it bucked him off faster than a bull would have when he tried to mount it.

2 Family Legacy

Dutch has a lot of respect and love for his family and shows a ton of pride for the people who raised him. His mother is buried in the cemetery in Blackwater and players who visit the location will come across her headstone.

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Dutch's father was said to have died in a field in Pennsylvania, which likely means he fought in the Civil War and likely fell during the Battle of Gettysburg. The fact that his father died fighting for such a noble cause is likely the source of his inner conflict with the life he's lived.

1 Descent Into Madness

Though an argument can be made that Dutch was always a little delusional and willing to make excuses, a key possible turning point was highlighted during the Van Der Linde's job they attempted in Saint-Denis.

During their getaway from the authorities, Dutch suffers a major head injury that is quickly dispelled as non-existent. Fans of the series believe this is the event that turned Dutch from a man fearing change, to a delusional and egotistical madman who can't be satiated.

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