Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Things About John Marston's Wife, Abigail

In Red Dead Redemption 2 players found themselves playing as Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van Der Linde gang that was close friends with John Marston. As players journeyed along the way in Arthur's footsteps they were also given plenty of opportunities to find out more about the primary characters from Red Dead Redemption.

One of these characters was John Marston's wife and eventual mother to his child, Abigail. Let's now take the time to look at 10 things about John Marston's loving and cautious wife, Abigail.

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10 The Sundance Woman

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a beloved Western film that has been a source of inspiration for dozens of entertainment releases since its release. One of the characters in the story, Etta Place, is the specific woman who helped shape Abigail Marston in both Red Dead Redemption titles.

Etta Place is both the visual and personality reference for Abigail and both are strikingly similar to her iconic Western counterpart. You could likely find many characters in old Westerns who served as templates for many members of the Van Der Linde gang.

9 Her Voice

Abigail is one of the few characters from the first Red Dead Redemption whose voice actor didn't return for the follow-up title. Cali Elizabeth Moore voices Abigail in the sequel and did a fantastic job considering she doesn't have a long history of voice acting. Outside of Red Dead Redemption 2, Moore has appeared in minor roles for both 30 Rock and Broad City.

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Rockstar Games like to work with familiar talent, so there's a good chance her voice may pop up in the future on their assumed next-generation title.

8 Post-Credits Authority

In the post-credits of Red Dead Redemption 2, Abigail can be heard talking to John Marston as she explains that they need to make their home clean and presentable. Though it's a short scene it's just enough to warm the hearts of players and they get another moment between these two people who love one another beyond belief.

Since many people played the first entry before hopping into the 2018 release, it also served as a way to make everyone cry considering the outcome of their relationship.

7 Nicknames & Pet Names

Whether you've been in a loving relationship, or have a friend or sibling in one you're familiar with pet names. They're a term of endearment spouses make for one another to show affection and make each other feel special in their own unique way. Though John Marston is a tough and grizzled outlaw it doesn't mean that the sight of Abigail doesn't make him soft and warm inside. John can be heard calling Abigail both Abby and Abby Darlin' in a cute and playful way.

This showcases John's love for her as it feels so out of character to the man you're used to hearing.

6 Jealousy Among Men

Abigail is a very attractive woman who's supportive and loyal. It should come as no surprise that she became the point of interest for several members of the Van Der Linde gang, and the jealousy from John Martson marrying her played a role in his former gang's built-up disdain of him.

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Arthur Morgan also had eyes for Abigail but respected her and John's relationship. Despite that players can see Arthur partially regret not going after her and confirming just how lucky of a man John is to be with her for the rest of their lives.

5 Of Many Talents

As the wife of the protagonist, Abigail can be seen as a simple housewife who doesn't have many skills of her own and relies on a man for help. The fact of the matter is that she's a pretty strong woman in her own right and has managed to navigate the wild and crazy world of the American southwest.

Though she became a loving mother and wife, she was once a prostitute, which was a perfectly acceptable way to make a living. After moving away with John she even managed to help him take care of their ranch.

4 She Can't Read

Like most people during the time period of the Red Dead Redemption games, Abigail was illiterate. She's teased for this a couple of times, but it's not like she's an anomaly in a sea of avid readers. This character trait is played with a bit as her firstborn child with John Marston, Jack, as an avid reader.

He loves reading so much that it's largely the reason why John Marston can't connect with his son. Jack would rather spend his time inside reading than be out in the world causing chaos like his father.

3 Arthur's Regret

As previously discussed Arthur Morgan had regrets about never pursuing anything with Abigail Martson. He even goes as far as to say he shouldn't have let John Martson make a move before he does. Arthur is a man of integrity and respect which means that instead of building up resentment for either of the Martson's, he simply makes sure to remind John of just how lucky he is.

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Abigail may have lived a life of questionable decisions, but Arthur understood the commitment she made to whatever man she chose to be hers.

2 Orphan Connection

A little known fact about both John and Abigail Marston is that they were both orphans. This is why John quickly found his way into a gang and found security in a group setting where he finally felt like he had a family.

It's also the explanation as to why Abigail lived an honest but dangerous life as a prostitute and eventually also found comfort in the Van Der Linde gang. Shared experiences are said to be an excellent foundation for long-lasting relationships, and though it's tragic they found comfort in another orphan.

1 She Was Right

Abigail loved John Marston, but she understood that he was his own worst enemy. She constantly reminded him that he needed to escape his old ways and try to find an honest living or it would lead to the death of him and his entire family. The epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2 focuses on this exact thing as John tries to make a better life for his family, if not for him for his fallen friend, Arthur Morgan.

If you've played the first Red Dead Redemption then you know that she was right and both her and John died because of his old ways.

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