Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Facts About Javier Escuella

Red Dead Redemption 2 gave fans of the franchise and new faces a good look at the members of Dutch Van Der Linde's gang of misfits and outlaws. Though the game centered around Arthur Morgan, the storytelling provided plenty of depth and character moments for various members of the gang.

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Javier Escuella was the hard-headed Mexican revolutionist introduced in Red Dead Redemption, but in the follow-up, he's a completely different man in his youth. Let's look at 10 facts about Javier Escuella from Red Dead Redemption 2.

10 It Doesn't Add Up

In the first game, as players experience the life of John Marston, John tells Javier that Abigail told him who the real Javier was. She described him as a weirdo and a creep, which seems like petty fabrications on Abigail's part in hindsight. Throughout Red Dead Redemption 2 Javier is very quiet, respectable, and to himself.

This means that he either treated Abigail like this in secret, or she made it up as additional evidence to build a case against a man who changed over the years.

9 His Voice

Javier is voiced by a different actor in the follow-up prequel, which was the case for several members of the Van Der Linde gang. In the newest entry, the man who voices the Mexican revolutionist outlaw happens to be Gabriel Sloyer.

He's a talented Latino actor who's had roles in Orange Is the New Black, Narcos, and Power. Though Javier isn't much of a talker, Sloyer did a great job of bringing a reserved dangerous vibe out of him and making his words have weight. Maybe Sloyer will reappear in the rumored Vice City-based Grand Theft Auto VI.

8 Music Man

Javier on the service seems like the typically quiet and mysterious outlaw type. He often reads like the man who doesn't share much with strangers but happens to be loyal to a fault for the people he brings in close.

It turns out that he also has an expressive artistic side as he can often be heard strumming a guitar in the Van Der Linde camp. His musical abilities don't stop there as Javier is also a talented singer who also happens to write much of his music. When you're camping and away from the world, it can help fight boredom.

7 Dutch's Ranger

If you're the type of player who takes Arthur out on adventures and rarely returns to camp with the rest of the gang then you've probably been found by one of Dutch's right-hand men. Javier is one of the members who will seek you out for Dutch and will tell you to head back to camp.

If you happen to want to head back immediately Arthur is also granted a fast travel option. The Van Der Linde members tracking you down always comes as a welcome surprise and makes the whole familial vibe stronger.

6 Hidden Talent

During the events of the game, players can learn from Arthur that Javier is quite the fisherman. Arthur will talk about how Hosea and Javier are much better at it than he is. This is a neat little fact about Javier as he's often seen as the quiet one of the Van Der Linde gang.

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Fishing is a hobby a lot of people who like to be alone take on so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Javier developed a knack for catching some fish down by a body of water. Too bad he couldn't have made an honest living doing it.

5 Boaz

The Boaz is the horse Javier chooses to ride throughout the game through 1899. It's an American Paint horse and Javier's horse Boaz has a coat called "Grey Overo". At the beginning of the epilogue of the game, Boaz can be purchased from the stable in Tumbleweed.

It's never explained what happened with Javier and his horse, but the likeliest explanation is that he abandoned it when the climax of the game resolved. Javier may have never been attached to Boaz, but it was a strong and loyal companion to him.

4 Subtle Hints At Loyalty

Javier seems like an entirely different character in both Red Dead games and he seems to have the biggest 180 degrees flip out of any Van Der Linde gang member. As the events of Arthur's demise unfold and Micah successfully tears apart the gang, Javier showcases physical loyalty to Dutch but gives hints to his loyalty for Arthur.

At the last camp standoff in the game players can see Javier holding up a gun, but unlike the others, on Dutch's side his gun never even gets close to pointing at either Arthur or John.

3 Revolutionary

Javier, like many of the members of the Van Der Linde gang, comes from a broken past. Being of Mexican descent he believes the system is corrupt and those of Mexican heritage are treated unfairly. At an early age, he witnesses his family getting mutilated and watched as their body parts were fed to pigs.

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Many of the members of Dutch's gang are Caucasian, so it's often hard for him to relate to them from a cultural perspective. The beauty of his character is that he provides representation in a genre where his race is often villainized.

2 Javier & Bill

Javier and Bill Williamson arguably have the closest friendship of the entire Van Der Linde gang outside of Arthur and John. It's an unlikely pairing that's largely been held together in large part by Javier whose loyalty to the ones he holds closest knows no bounds.

Throughout the game, there are times when Bill can get captured by bounty hunters and the like, and Javier will ask Arthur if he can help him rescue Bill. If it wasn't for Javier, Bill would have likely rotted in a cell or died on the way to one.

1 A Different Man

Earlier it was mentioned how Abigail's tales about Javier being a creep didn't match up with the type of person he was during the events of Red Dead Redemption 2. Well, if you played the first game then you quickly realized his entire personality feels like someone else.

In the first game, he's a very angry, arrogant, and volatile human being. It seems that the strong, loyal, and passionate man that befriended and helped Arthur Morgan turned cruel and desperate over the years thanks to Dutch's ways.

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