Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Arthur

A lot of fans were surprised and a bit irked when a new and unfamiliar face showed up in Red Dead Redemption 2. Most were hoping and expecting to play as John Marston, the pivotal lawbreaker from the original release.

Regardless of how they felt about Arthur the first time they saw him, one thing is for sure, they were all singing his praises soon after. Arthur Morgan would turn out to be perhaps an even better protagonist than John and there was something so endearing about his blunt attitude and imposing figure.

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In honor of the main cowboy from Red Dead Redemption 2, we've collected some lesser-known facts about Arthur Morgan. It's important to note that there will be spoilers throughout this list so you may want to finish Arthur's journey before moving on (assuming you haven't already).

10 Arthur's Parents

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With so much dialogue to follow and so many hidden items to find throughout Red Dead Redemption 2, it can be easy to miss tidbits of information. Many players will likely come to understand that Arthur lost his parents at a young age, which would explain exactly why he ended up joining Dutch Van Der Linde's gang, but a few moments in-game give us more information into exactly what happened.

Arthur's mother, Beatrice, passed when he was a very young age, leaving him to live with his criminal father, Lyle. The law would eventually catch up with Lyle (for Larceny charges) in 1874. Arthur was 11-years-old at the time of his arrest. Sometime after his father was killed and Arthur would end up taking his hat as one of the only reminders of his past.

9 His Hat Shows His "Profession"

red dead redemption 2 arthur morgan

Arthur's hat isn't just a keepsake from his childhood, it was also crafted with care by the game's developers. In many stories concerning the Old West, the "bad guy" would traditionally wear a black hat, whereas the hero would don a white hat.

Not only does this point to the idea that Arthur isn't a "good man" at the start of the storyline, it also foreshadows Micah's inevitable betrayal. He wears a white hat throughout the story, making him a "direct rival" to Arthur per the Old West trope.

8 His Family Was Slain For The Dumbest Reason

red dead redemption 2 arthur morgan

No, we aren't talking about Arthur's parents this time, we mean the cowpokes own family. Most players will discover through dialogue that Arthur had a son at one point but the actual story behind his "family" is much more depressing than the steely-eyed bandit lets on.

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A one-night-stand with a young waitress named Eliza would turn Arthur into a father. He would come to adore his son Isaac and would visit the duo as much as possible, maintaining his gang lifestyle to help support them. Upon returning one day, Arthur would spot two crosses outside Eliza's home. He would later find out that his family was killed by robbers for a measly $10.

7 He Was Worth A Pretty Penny


It's a classic Old Western trope that all the biggest and baddest banditos had bounties on their heads and Wanted posters plastered all over town. Arthur was no exception and the government was willing to go to great lengths to capture their man. What players may not know is that Arthur's bounty was actually pretty impressive for the time. His $5000 capture reward would equate to around $150,000 in today's economy.

6 Arthur The King

Red Dead Redemption 2 locations screenshot Arthur Morgan

Although some of this is speculative by the community it is an interesting little tidbit none-the-less. Many point out that Arthur may have received his name after King Arthur and there are some interesting clues that point to this being true. There is dialogue that directly references King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the mission "The Wheel," and John did give Jack the alias Lancelot in the Epilogue.

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Some also suggest that the surname Morgan may be related to Morgan Le Fay, which would tie into Arthur's duality, alluding to the player's choice to be honorable or criminal.

5 He Was Painted By A Famous Artist

arthur with good lighting

Well, at least the artist is "famous" by Red Dead Redemption 2 standards. Later in Arthur's adventure, he will happen across a French painter named Charles Châtenay. The prolific artist spends much of his time sketching some rather risque imagery and a series of stranger missions can be performed to help the Frenchman gain notoriety throughout Saint Denis. During one mission, the player will attend an exhibition, where they can actually spot a portrait of Arthur amongst the exhibits.

4 Arthur Never Attended School


There is a ton of character development to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2 and much of it is picked up through conversations or notes. We learn a very interesting fact about Arthur in the side mission "A Bright Bouncing Boy" through a rather quick and easily dismissed piece of dialogue. While helping scientist Marko Dragic with his invention, Arthur admits that he never once experienced even a moment of certified education.

3 He Takes His Legacy To The Grave

red dead 2 arthur morgan gunfight

That header is quite literal in this sense as Arthur's final resting place will change depending on the decisions that the player makes throughout their adventure.

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If Arthur passes with an honorable rating, his headstone will feature a positive motif and feature fresh flowers. If his legacy was teetering on the darker side, his headstone will be weathered and unkempt with a standard (and less uplifting) sentiment.

2 Welsh Origins


Arthur has never directly stated in-game that he was of Welsh ancestry, and honestly, we wouldn't expect the cowboy to know much about that in the first place. But both "Arthur" and "Morgan" have Welsh origins and some have pointed out a possible connection via one of his faithful steeds. A former horse he speaks of, Boadicea, shares a name with a Celtic queen.

1 His Spirit Animal Changes


As Arthur begins to wade his way toward Death's door, he has odd visions of animals within a forest. These visions have a direct tie-in to the cowboy's ending sequence and actually change depending on what type of live Arthur has lived. If he was honorable, he'll get one last glimpse at a deer moving through a sunny meadow. Those that spent their time committing as much mayhem as possible will see a coyote sulking in the rain.

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