Red Dead Redemption 2: The 10 Craziest Random Encounters You Probably Missed

You may not personally agree, but many people consider Red Dead Redemption 2 to be Rockstar's masterpiece. Not only is the story incredible, expansive, and moving, but the world and world building are frankly second to none. When it comes to gaming, few companies can compete with the might of Rockstar.

And like most Rockstar games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with random encounters that thrill, disgust, and tickle the funny bone. Unfortunately, the world is simply so massive and dense that you may have missed a few.

These are the ten craziest random encounters you probably missed in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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10 The Barricaded Bridge

If you happen upon the bridge in western Lemoyne you may come across a group of five O'Driscoll Boys who have barricaded the bridge with a wagon. Should you approach the bridge, you will be accosted by the O'Driscolls, and they will tell you to bugger off away from their bridge. Should you not heed their warning and approach, you will enter into a gunfight. Following this, you can loot a chest aboard the wagon for some valuable goodies and take the wagon to the Fence at Emerald Ranch for $40. But if you just want to kill some O'Driscolls, that's cool too.

9 Keane's Saloon Brawl

The O'Driscoll Boys certainly cause a lot of trouble, don't they? This random even occurs at Keane's Saloon in Valentine. After approaching the saloon, Arthur will be heckled by three O'Driscoll Boys standing on the porch of the saloon.

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If you provoke them back or accept their challenge for a fight, you will enter into a fistfight with all three O'Driscoll Boys. It's not exactly a fair fight, but hey, this is the Wild West we're talking about. Fairness isn't often in the cards.

8 Kidnapped Police Man

Various outposts of the Lemoyne Raiders are scattered around the map, each offering a brutal gunfight that often results in significant rewards. In one of these campsites is an abducted police man from Saint Denis. The Raiders can be seen violently interrogating the officer, and you have the option of stepping in and preventing further bloodshed. Through more bloodshed. If you rescue the lawman, he will thank Arthur and you will receive some honor. However, should you decide not to intervene, the officer will be killed and you will lose honor for not helping.

7 Campfire Attack

This random encounter really has the capacity to shock and surprise the player. Throughout your time with the game, you grow accustomed to the peace and tranquility of the campfire. However, this is completely thrown upon its head should you camp around Roanoke Ridge. While camping normally, a man will approach and ask to share your fire. However, this is merely a ruse, as another man approaches and holds a gun to the back of your head. While they end up walking away without incident, you do have the option to pursue and dispose of them for so rudely interrupting your peaceful fire.

6 The Pit Trap

The Murfree Brood really are a bunch of sneaky buggers. If they're not slowly approaching you at a campsite, their setting dangerous traps for you to literally fall into. This random encounter occurs near Huron Glen, and it sees you falling into a trap set by the Murfree Brood. Once you have fallen in, three of the Brood will approach to see what it is they have caught. Once they approach, you can easily dispose of them from your little hole, but should you do so, more members of the Murfree Brood will show up. Well, it's either that or die, so...

5 Norbert

While it's not exactly easy to miss Norbert, it's entirely possible that you rode right past him not even knowing that it was a random encounter. Norbert will call you over and tell you that he has been bitten by a snake. You then have two options - either suck the venom out of his leg yourself, or simply give him a health cure. In any case, your actions save Norbert's life, and he later appears outside of the gun store in Valentine. When he sees you again, he offers to buy you ANYTHING in the store in exchange for saving his life. An expensive gun for a simple health cure? Heck yeah!

4 Big Valley Wolf Attack

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a dangerous place, not just because of all the horrible people, but the hostile wildlife as well. In Big Valley just north of Bacchus Station you can find a man being viciously attacked by a wolf. You can hear him calling for help from a distance, and when you finally save him, you will notice that he has been significantly injured by the wolf. You can give him either whiskey or a health cure to ease the pain, but there is unfortunately nothing you can do about the injuries, and the man eventually dies from his wounds.

3 Bear Tracking

While we're in the vicinity of Big Valley, we'll mention the random hunter who tracks a bear. While riding, you may come across a random hunter by the side of the road. If you stop and listen, you will hear him talking to himself about how he's going to track the bear and how delicious it is going to taste. Do you think the game wants you to follow or something!? Should you do so, you can either follow from a distance and watch the hunter get killed by the bear, or you can team up and take down the bear together after it charges at you. Either way, the man was right - there was a bear in the vicinity.

2 The Duel At Smithfield's

You can never quite predict what a drunk man will do. Especially in this crazy, lawless world! At some random time while walking into Smithfield's Saloon in New Hanover, you will be bumped by a drunk man exiting the saloon. He will grow incensed that you were in his way and will challenge you to a duel. Should you accept the invitation, you will both enter the traditional dueling stance. And just when you're about ready to whip out your pistol, the man will stagger and pass out, clearly too drunk to fight. Oh well. That's probably for the best, anyway.

1 Tragedy In Rhodes

You see kids? This is why you never play with guns! While walking near the gun store in Rhodes, two man will emerge, and one will start bragging to the other about the quality of his recently purchased firearm. He "jokingly" takes out his pistol and points it towards his friend, but when he does it again, he accidentally shoots him. The man panics and runs away, and you can either let him go or catch up to him and hogtie him. Should you take him directly to the Sheriff's, you will earn some cash and a slight increase to your honor. And really, who among us doesn't love honor?

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