The 5 Best Outfits In Red Dead Redemption 2 (& The 5 Worst)

In addition to participating in the ultimate cowboy fantasy, one of the main reasons for playing Red Dead Redemption 2 is to try on all those outfits. All kidding aside, there is a wide variety of outfits to choose from in Rockstar's best open-world game to date. It can be hard for a gamer to decide what to force their protagonist to wear.

If your personal opinions can't narrow down your favorite outfits from all those tailor shops for you, let us help you. Bear in mind, we're only considering complete outfits and not separate pieces of clothing. (Otherwise, we'd be here for hours. There are more than a hundred items of clothing in the game.) Read on if you want to know which RDR2 outfits are right for you and which are absolutely wrong!

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10 Best: The Gunslinger

You can't go wrong with the default outfit. Whether you decide to sport the Summer Gunslinger look or the Winter Gunslinger look, that specific outfit has been crafted to be Arthur Morgan's default appearance.

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It costs nothing since it is already in Arthur's wardrobe at the start of the game, and Arthur looks dang good in it. While it doesn't have any fancy trappings on it, there's no fuss or muss in choosing that as your favorite outfit.

9 Worst: The Deauville

If your main objective when it comes to picking Arthur's outfits is to make him look ridiculous, then by all means, purchase the Deauville. It is the strangest amalgamation of formal and casual wear, complete with a ridiculously high top hat.

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Without a doubt, it will make Arthur look silly during cutscenes. It is wearable in hot and average weather, so don't think about trekking into the mountains with this get-up. It's only available in Saint-Denis for purchase with an honor rating of 6 or higher. Did we mention it also costs close to a hundred dollars?

8 Best: The Bear Hunter

Nothing screams fashion like wearing a bear head on top of your own head. During an early hunting mission with Hosea, Arthur gets the opportunity to bag the Legendary Bear.

In addition to the Legendary Bear Pelt, the Trapper will need Perfect Bison, Boar, Bull, and Rabbit pelts in order to craft the Bear Hunter outfit. While this might seem like a lot to work for, the astounding sight of Arthur walking around with a grizzled bear's face on his head make it worth it.

7 Worst: The Ranch Hand

The epilogue to Red Dead Redemption 2 was not terrible. But, we all have to admit, it put us through an emotional wringer. Arthur had just succumbed to his illness and its effects, and we were suddenly thrust into the position of playing as John Marston once more.

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While setting up the Marston family for the events of the original Red Dead Redemption was a nice touch to cap the game, all that "ranching" we had to do beforehand left a sour taste in our mouths. As such, we are irreparably scarred from liking the Ranch Hand outfit John Marston wore during that time.

6 Best: The Saint-Denis

This particular outfit can only be bought in the city of Saint-Denis, and it is even named after this location. Saint-Denis came as a visual shock to players given that most of the game had taken place in the wilderness with small towns sprinkled here and there.

Saint-Denis burst onto the scene with a city-like environment, complete with more polished outfits. The Saint-Denis outfit is a semi-affordable choice from the tailor shop that will have Arthur Morgan blending in with the crowds quite nicely.

5 Worst: The Ghost Bison

The words "ghost bison" sound terribly cool. If selecting an outfit only relied on hearing its name, then the Ghost Bison would win for sure. However, based purely on looks, the Ghost Bison is a definite fail.

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The white coloring of the Legendary Bison's fur makes the hood the Trapper crafts for the outfit look like a top for the Abominable Snowman. The snow-white pelt of the Legendary Elk is also used to make the coat and mittens, completing Arthur's transformation into nature's Santa Claus.

4 Best: The Faulkton

Of middling price at Strawberry's General Store, the Faulkton is one of the better outfits you can purchase in the game. It does not cost as much as some of the other outfits sold at Strawberry (and nowhere near as much as those sold in Saint-Denis), and it does not require a high honor rating in order to purchase it at all.

Its look is understated. It has a nice long jacket, but it is still able to be worn in both average and hot temperatures. Though of course, it's still a mystery as to why Arthur Morgan is allowed back into Strawberry in the first place.

3 Worst: The Clairmont

Most of the outfits sold at Valentine are affordable options. Valentine is the first town Arthur and the Van der Linde gang enter, so that's why the prices there are better. However, if you're going to be a miser with your money, at the very least stay away from the Clairmont.

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It's one of the most disheveled outfits put together in the whole game. Square-patterned pants are tucked into glossy boots with buckles while Arthur also wears a faded coat and a floppy hat. That's just weird.

2 Best: The Beast Of Prey

The Beast of Prey outfit you can hunt down at the Trapper's takes a lot of work to put together. You have to hunt the Legendary Cougar and the Legendary Wolf in addition to collecting a few other Perfect pelts.

As you might have sussed out, the Legendary Wolf and the Legendary Cougar will not come quietly. They're some of the more vicious animals in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. But if you do collect their pelts and get the Beast of Prey outfit, you'll know it was worth it because you will look like one sharp hunter of predators.

1 Worst: The Dreamcatcher

Similar as to how the Clairmont looks like a weird collection of clothes put together, the Dreamcatcher looks like a weird collection of pelts meshed together. The grey Legendary Bison chaps blend with the Legendary Bison vest.

It makes it look like Arthur is wearing a fuzzy grey romper. Plus, the strangely colored feathers stuck into Arthur's hat create a weird pattern, most likely trying to replicate an actual dreamcatcher. This Dreamcatcher outfit is definitely no catch.

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