Red Dead Online Update Will Add Passive Mode-Like Feature

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In an open world multiplayer game like Red Dead Redemption 2's Red Dead Online, griefing is a major issue. Rockstar Games has managed to tone down griefing in Grand Theft Auto 5 through the popular "passive mode" feature, but at the time of writing, Red Dead Online has no such option. And while a full-blown passive mode is still not confirmed for Red Dead Online, a future update will add a feature that is somewhat similar and should alleviate some frustration.

In a Red Dead Online update coming this spring, Rockstar will be introducing Offensive and Defensive modes. Offensive is the current Red Dead Online experience, meaning players will need to retreat to camp and raise the white flag to be completely safe from other players. Defensive, meanwhile, makes it impossible for players to be lassoed by others online, and it also makes it significantly harder to be killed as it removes critical hits. Those playing with the Defensive play style will also be unable to lasso or attack other players. However, it's still possible to kill someone playing Defensive, which is how it differs from GTA Online's passive mode.

The update will take additional measures against griefers in Red Dead Online by adjusting the hostility system. Under the current hostility system, Red Dead Online players may be punished for attacking other players, even in cases of self-defense. The new hostility system will take into account when players are defending themselves, and won't raise their hostility level for doing so.

Besides these attempts to lessen frustrations surrounding Red Dead Online's unfortunate issues with griefing, the update will add some new content to the experience as well. More story and free roam missions will be added, in addition to new dynamic events for players to discover while exploring the open world. A new weapon in the form of the LeMat Revolver from the first Red Dead Redemption will also be coming in the big spring Red Dead Redemption 2 online update.


Finally, the upcoming Red Dead Online update will also look to improve the character creation tools, but Rockstar didn't provide specifics on how that will be accomplished. It's possible it will simply be adding more options for players to choose from when creating their Red Dead Online character, which will likely be appreciated, as its character creation system has been largely criticized since launch.

Meanwhile, some Red Dead Redemption 2 fans may be more interested in a single player update, especially since one recent update downgraded the single player graphics. Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn't said if this upcoming Red Dead Online update will address any concerns with the single player side of things, so solo players shouldn't get their hopes up.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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