Massive Red Dead Online Update Adds New Missions, Events, and More

red dead online launch update

Red Dead Online's next major update has arrived, a major addition to the in-beta multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2. Tuesday's update brings with it new story-based co-op missions, new free roam missions featuring characters from the campaign, the much quested multiplayer poker table, a new weapon, new clothing, and more. Suffice to say, it's a new day for Red Dead Online, which is why this new patch officially marks the end of the online mode's beta.

Perhaps the most exciting new content included in today's Red Dead Online patch are the new cooperative missions, continuing the story of Jessica LeClerk and her hunt for revenge. Continuing the "A Land of Opportunities" storyline, players will help LeClerk solve the mystery of her husband's death. Once again players can choose between Gunslinger and Outlaw morality, each offering different mission paths for different playstyles.

Beyond the new co-op missions, the latest patch also adds a variety of new playable content. Talk to Thomas the Skiff Captain at Bayou Nwa or the Aberdeen Pig Farmers for new free roam missions. Join the Biggest Fish Contest, the Bird Shooting Contest, or the Herb Picking Contest for an intra-Posse challenge. New dynamic events litter the countryside for players to discover while exploring. Overrun Shodown Mode offers a great new competitive option. And of course, multiplayer poker is fun no matter the occasion.

Rockstar's also adding new ways to play in addition to new content to play. Players in Red Dead Online can now choose either Offensive or Defensive playstyles, allowing for a more relaxing playstyle that keeps Defensive players out of PvP missions and prevents them from being lassoed or griefed in other ways. The new Hostility System is built on top of this option, tracking aggressive players in increasingly visible ways to allow Defensive players an opportunity to avoid them. The system is designed to minimize griefing, not PvP, so Offensive players don't have to hold back during PvP missions.

Needless to say, the update doesn't stop there. The stores all have some new wares, including ponchos and the LeMat Revolver. Auto-aim headshots against enemy players have been removed, just one of many important but smaller gameplay changes. This is Rockstar's vision for the launch version of Red Dead Online. Hopefully, it meets everyone's expectations.

As impressive as today's Red Dead Online update is, Rockstar is already looking forward to the future. Four future updates were detailed in today's announcement:

  • May 21 - New Free Roam Missions and clothing
  • May 28 - New Head for the Hills Showdown Mode, Wild Animal Kills Free Roam Challenge, and more
  • June 4 - New Public Enemy Showdown Mode and Railroad Baron Free Roam Event
  • June 11 - New Sport of Kings Showdown Mode and both limited-time and permanent Clothing

Throughout the upcoming weeks, Rockstar will also be providing opportunities to earn RDO$ and Gold, as well as other payouts, packages, and gifts.

Perhaps the most exciting addition coming in Red Dead Online's future, however, is a new "role" based system. Players can pursue goals as a Bounty Hunter, Trader, or Collector, progressing through one or all roles in order to unlock unique attribute, outfits, weapons, and more. Rockstar says to look forward to more information on these roles later this summer.

Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 are available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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