Red Dead Online Adds New Showdown Mode, Limited Time Clothing

rdo new showdown mode

Since the launch of the Red Dead Online beta at the end of last year, Rockstar has been committed to bringing new content to the multiplayer experience through numerous updates. Now, the company is back with yet another patch, and it introduces a new Showdown mode and a revised approach to vendors.

The Spoils of War Showdown mode is a new PvP opportunity in Red Dead Online, and it hosts 2-16 players. In this game mode, teams attempt to raid their opponents' base in order to steal loot from a stockpile located there. These stolen goods must then be safely returned to the thieving team's base, and whichever crew secures the most loot by the end of the match wins.

Spoils of War can be accessed by selecting Featured Series in the launch menu, choosing the Quick Join option in the Player Menu, or visiting one of the Featured Series signposts located across the map. Rounds of this new game mode can occur in areas such as Fort Mercer and Valentine, and winning a match this week will reward players with eight dynamite arrows. Rockstar has also implemented a 20% XP boost for all Showdown modes during this period.

rdo limited time clothing

This is not all that fans can look forward to with the new update though, as it has also begun a process intended to bring new items to shops. That is, vendors are now receiving goods that can only be purchased for a limited time. When these items are available they will be noted as Limited Stock in a shop's catalogue, while items that are forthcoming or have already passed will be labeled Coming Soon or Out of Stock respectively.

The first of these limited offerings are several rare outfits and pieces of clothing. They include a Tasman outfit for male characters, a Danube outfit and hitched skirt for female characters, tied pants, a winter shotgun coat, a gardenia hat, and a squat stovepipe top hat.

While Red Dead Online may not be currently seeing the success of Rockstar's last multiplayer offering, Grand Theft Auto Online, it is clear that the company is dedicated to keeping players engaged. It remains to be seen, but these frequent updates may just be enough to keep the game afloat.

Red Dead Online is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar

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