New Red Dead Online Glitch Lets Players Repeatedly Sell a Perfect Cougar Carcass [UPDATED]

red dead online money glitch cougar

Update 5/23: This Red Dead Online glitch has reportedly been patched. Original story follows.

Last week, a Red Dead Online money glitch was discovered, which allowed players to duplicate fish and sell them for quick and easy cash. While this Red Dead Online duplication glitch has since been patched out of the game, a new Red Dead Redemption 2 online cougar glitch has already been discovered, and it is seemingly filling the coffers of players even more quickly than the aforementioned fish glitch.

As the name implies, the Red Dead Online cougar glitch revolves around obtaining a three star cougar or panther carcass and then selling that carcass to a butcher an unlimited number of times. The first step of the glitch is thus obtaining the carcass, and the video below covers Red Dead Online cougar locations and methods for guaranteeing a three star rating.

Once the carcass is on the back of a player's horse, the next step is to visit a Red Dead Online butcher. To note, it is best to avoid fast traveling, as doing so will degrade the carcass and reduce its value. Additionally, players must stop before arriving at the butcher and shoot the carcass until the cougar icon and the words "Perfect Cougar Carcass" appear on the screen.

Now, players should approach the butcher and park their horse in close proximity. They can then proceed to interact with the butcher, open up the sell menu, and then navigate to the Horse Cargo inventory. If the Red Dead Online money exploit has been done properly, there will be two cougar carcasses here: a perfect one and a poor one.

From this point, players can sell the Perfect Cougar Carcass, and then, after a few moments, the carcass will return to the Horse Cargo inventory to be sold again. If the Red Dead Online Perfect Cougar Carcass does not reappear, simply navigating to the sell menu, and then back to the Horse Cargo inventory, should make it do so.

To note, selling the Poor Cougar Carcass will end the RDR2 online money glitch, forcing a player to start again from the beginning. However, barring that slight error, this Red Dead Online glitch can be repeated infinitely for unlimited money.

It is also important to mention that this Red Dead 2 online money exploit is certain to be patched with a Red Dead Online update in short order. As such, players that choose to use this Red Dead Online money glitch from 2019 may face consequences for their actions in the future.

Red Dead Online is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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