Red Dead Online: How to Change Character Appearance

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Red Dead Online has largely been met with positive responses. Rockstar Games' latest allows players to roam the open world with a custom character similarly to Rockstar's other big game, Grand Theft Auto Online.

Unfortunately, Red Dead Online players have been bothered by one thing since the game's launch. Players have been unable to change their character's appearances from the ground up other than by completely deleting their character and restarting all over again. Now, thankfully, Rockstar Games has amended this and players have the option to change their appearances as they see fit.

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How to Change Appearance

Red Dead Online players will have an easy time changing their appearances. To do it, players should make sure that they're not currently in a mission or doing anything important, as the game will remove them from the scenario and put them in the character creator screen.

To access the option to change appearance, players will need to be in an online session to start. Then, press left on the D-Pad to pull up a menu. Scroll down to Online Options and select it. At the bottom of that menu will be a selection called Change Appearance. Select that and the game will prompt the player to leave the session that they're in to enter the change appearance screen. Select yes and the game will automatically allow the player to revise their character's appearance.

red dead online change character appearance

Price to Change Appearance

Players should be forewarned that changing appearance can cost in-game currency. Rockstar Games has been generous enough to give all players a free appearance change for their first time. However, after that, further changes will cost players 10 gold bars. Players can either grind to earn gold bars or purchase them from the real-money shop.


While players no longer need to lose all of their progress and possessions to change their character's appearance, there are still some drawbacks. Players have reported that changing appearance has caused them to lose their daily challenge streaks. Unfortunately, at this time, there doesn't seem to be a workaround to prevent this. It remains to be seen if Rockstar will amend this or if it's a mandatory sacrifice when players want to change appearances.

Red Dead Online is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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