Red Dead Redemption Marston Explodes

Hold your fire, cowboys, we’ve got some claims to back up the words – we’re always sure to research before we voice our opinions around these parts.

As Game Ranter Donald reported yesterday, it was confirmed that Red Dead Redemption was running in less definition on PS3 than Xbox 360, with the difference being a respec 644p to a native 720p. People who have compared both have noticed that the differences between the two console versions are similar to the differences of Grand Theft Auto 4 on both consoles – that the PS3 visuals looked like they had a gaussian blur, which some say makes it look worse, and others say makes it look smoother.

Red Dead Redemption Comparison .jpgPictured: Same game, but a different world?

Ars Technica reported that the 360 had the advantage, and they had some pretty song words from their searches:

[I]t’s clear that the 360 version has quite the graphical advantage. It’s sharper, with much less aliasing. The faces of the characters were clearer in the opening section. Gameplay sections likewise looked better, with smoother graphics across the board. The PlayStation 3 version looked impressive, but there was a noticeable jump in quality while playing on the 360.

Now, we’re not saying the PS3 version looks bad – both systems manage to pump out an impressive visual display that is sure to impress as you stand on the top of a thousand-foot cliff overlooking towns, plains, and cowpokes alike – but even Rockstar themselves used the 360 version for their promotional videos, and that has to say something.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Have you taken a look at both versions? Are you a fanboy of one system hellbent on flaming the other system? If so, type it into notepad and hide it on your computer. All the people who would have wanted to read it, will! It’s a win-win!

Source: Ars Technica; CVG