E3 2015: 'ReCore' is New Xbox IP from Keiji Inafune and 'Metroid Prime' Developers

Recore Cinematic Trailer - ReCore protagonist


Microsoft's heavy hitters at E3 2015 were most certainly established IP that they are bringing back for Xbox One. The campaign gameplay reveal for Halo 5: Guardians was an absolutely incredible way to kick off the show, and the first ever gameplay trailer for Gears of War 4 had Microsoft's conference ending on a very high note.

With such massive games appearing during the conference, this meant that some of the smaller games and new IP did not generate as much buzz. However, Microsoft did indeed announce new IP during the conference, and it came in the form of an exciting new game brimming with potential entitled ReCore.

ReCore debuted via a cinematic trailer, so there's no gameplay footage just yet, but the trailer does offer an idea of what ReCore will be like. The game stars an unnamed female protagonist and her robotic ally, powered by a mysterious blue orb. The hero of ReCore is one of the last remaining humans, trying to survive in a desert wasteland populated by malicious machines. The enemies in the game are also powered by an orb, similar to the robot companion of the player character, but their orbs are red instead of blue.

It appears as though a central gameplay mechanic in ReCore is placing the blue orb powering the robotic companion into disabled robotic bodies, which could have numerous combat and exploration implications. The end of the trailer offers a glimpse at some of the different robot body types that can be found and utilized in the game, including a dog-like robot, a flying robot that looks like a squid, and a large humanoid robot body that appears to be a "heavy" type.

Recore Cinematic Trailer - ReCore protagonist

While gameplay details on ReCore remain scarce, the development team behind the game is definitely one to get excited about. ReCore is being created by celebrated developer Keiji Inafune, the man behind Mega Man and the upcoming release of Mighty No. 9 in September. Inafune is joined by unnamed developers that used to work with Retro Studios on the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime series for Nintendo.

During Microsoft's E3 2015 press conferenceReCore was given a vague release window of spring 2016. This means the game is farther along than a simple cinematic trailer might suggest, and it also means that even more gameplay details should be expected soon enough. It's possible that the Xbox Daily videos that will be playing on the Xbox Live Events Player throughout the week of E3 could offer additional looks at ReCore.

Another possibility is that more info on ReCore will drop at Gamescom in August. Microsoft has already made it clear that they are saving Crackdown 3 and Scalebound for Gamesom, along with Remedy's Quantum BreakReCore seems like a likely candidate to be given a larger spotlight at Gamescom, with E3 used to mostly push Microsoft's established juggernaut IPs.

ReCore is due for release in spring of 2016 exclusively for Xbox One.

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