ReCore Trailer Introduces Characters and Gameplay

recore e3 2016 trailer

Microsoft launches a brand new trailer for ReCore during its E3 2016 presentation, detailing the upcoming Xbox One and PC exclusive's characters and gameplay.

Ever since ReCore was first revealed during last year's E3, gamers have been chomping at the bit to learn more about the mysterious title. Thankfully, one year later, Microsoft has unveiled a brand new video that gives gamers a bit of a closer look at the game. This time around, however, the Xbox One and PC exclusive had a video focusing on the game's characters and gameplay.

First and foremost, this new ReCore footage delves into the characters and mechanics of Joule, who is described by the trailer as a fearless leader. First seen traversing a sparse desert, it's not long before Joule is shown in action, using a grappling hook to get hold of one of the vital cores that will make up a major part of the title's gameplay. Moving on to a collection of large-scale enemies, it looks as though the environments of ReCore are hardly the safest.

Thankfully, Joule has a number of allies to call on for assistance. As seen in previous videos of the game, Joule has some friends in the form of a selection of robots. Mack the explorer is reminiscent of a faithful dog with a fair bit of bite, while Seth the escape artist can help the player out of sticky situations. Should brute force be required, however, Duncan the heavy hitter may be the best bet, with the large robot likely to take on all comers. Those interested in seeing the whole trailer in action can do so by checking out the embed below.


What's more, the trailer also gave a brief overview of the game's setting. ReCore is set to take place at a location known as Far Eden, which is in the distant future. Finally, the game's release date was confirmed to be September 13, 2016.

Of course, this release date news may not have come as much of a surprise to some members of the gaming community. ReCore was one of many games that has been the victim of leaks over the course of E3 2016, and the title had several gameplay images leaked alongside the game's release date. As it turns out, this leak has proved out to be more than accurate.

In spite of some of the excitement undoubtedly being dampened by leaks, ReCore still looks like a title to watch out for. After all, with a team including the creator of Mega Man, several veterans from the Metroid Prime series, and the co-creator of Destiny, the game's initial gorgeous visuals and intriguing concept are more than matched by the pedigree behind its creation. Hopefully, ReCore will prove to be worth the wait. Expect more news on the game in the coming months.

ReCore will be released for PC and Xbox One on September 13, 2016.

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