ReCore may not have the same pre-E3 hype as some Microsoft exclusives, but these new screenshot leaks will have fans hyped for the September release date.

When it rains, it pours, and Microsoft’s apparently called down the storm leading into this upcoming week’s E3 extravaganza. Another leak has made its way online, this time regarding Microsoft exclusive action adventure ReCore. It started with a post on NeoGAF coming from user Gwyn, who’d be unreliable except for the fact that they have been leaking Dead Rising 4 screenshots all day. It started with ReCore‘s release date and Gwyn followed that up with two brand new ReCore screenshots and the game’s box art as a bonus.

Of course, considering the odd source of this material, both the screenshots and the release date should be considered rumor and potentially false. Yet, as we’ve yet to be shown any in-game content from ReCore as of yet, the screenshots and release date are certainly more than believable. Anyone willing to model out ReCore‘s protagonist and robot dog just to stir up some pre-E3 leak hype deserves some credit.

Two screenshots are available, the first showing the previously cinematically revealed female protagonist using her grappling hook to pull on what seems to either be a door or perhaps “core.” Considering the game appears to be a type of post-apocalyptic or space wasteland-style salvaging game, the protagonist pulling cores out of old abandoned installations makes a lot of sense. The second image features our hero wielding a very large gun at an unseen enemy. Robot dog doesn’t seem too wary, however, so maybe’ she’s just checking the sights.

ReCore Leaked Release Date and Screenshots - Dog

As for the release date, it looks like Microsoft is targeting an earlier window to try and help ReCore get out on store shelves before the holiday season. September 13 later this year is the rumored release date for ReCore, but whether that’s true and whether or not the game hits that date remains to be seen. Keep in mind that ReCore is being co-developed by Mighty No. 9 developer Comcept. But if Comcept was going to make a 2016 release, then September is certainly the game’s best chance for success.

Even with the screenshots, ReCore has a lot to prove to fans before it garners any significant hype. With E3 ahead, hopefully Microsoft and the game’s developers go out of the way to show just why players should be excited to play the game. That’s not to say the game is in a bad spot right now, but it certainly has yet to show its heart to fans despite being only a few short months away from launch. Hell, most of the games at E3 will have more hype and won’t be released until 2017 or later!

Expect more information regarding ReCore during Microsoft’s press conference starting at 9:30am PDT on Monday, June 13. ReCore is a PC and Xbox One exclusive title and is rumored to launch on September 13 later this year.

Source: NeoGAF