Game Rant spoke with legendary game creator Keiji Inafune during E3 2016, learning that the developer would ideally like to see a ReCore movie come to fruition.

It seems like video game movies are all the rage nowadays, especially with the likes of Warcraft and Angry Birds taking a stranglehold on box offices in recent months. Meanwhile, news that Minecraft is set to receive a theatrical release only further cements the trend of video game franchises stepping outside of their medium, which is probably why it isn’t surprising to hear that some of the developers behind these interactive projects would love to see a movie of their game. One of the most recent examples of this, as it turns out, is legendary game maker Keiji Inafune and his studio’s latest product, ReCore.

Speaking with Inafune during E3 2016, we asked about what future the developer foresaw for ReCore once it made its inevitable debut on Xbox One and Windows PC. After clarifying that Microsoft, not Comcept, owned the IP, Inafune elaborated a bit on his vision for the future of the series.

“Our initial conversation, the concept that Mark [Pacini from Armature Studios] and I had discussed is really huge. There’s no way to describe it other than it’s humungous, and what we were able to achieve in this is give you like one slice of a much bigger picture. So I certainly hope – and I know a lot of it has to do with numbers, and the marketing, and how people receive it or how well it’s received – and, you know, if all things align and go well, I hope that we can really tell more of the story that we imagined from the beginning and then really share this world and all of what it has to offer with the rest of the world. So, you know, whatever you guys can do at the press to help encourage that effort, I am behind.”

Recore Cinematic Trailer - ReCore protagonist

Breaking into laughs, we probed Inafune further on the topic, asking if the famed developer would be interested in seeing a ReCore movie materialize. Given the grandiose ambition that’s currently present for the property, Inafune admitted that he’d “love to see that” realized at some point.

“Absolutely. I’d love to see that. Definitely.”

Since making Mega Man, which is now set to receive a cartoon show next year, and eventually departing Capcom, Inafune’s studio, Comcept, has been hard at work on a handful of games. Most recently, it launched the less than well-received Mighty No. 9, which many gamers have been unimpressed by. Fortunately, it appears that Microsoft has allotted enough of a budget for ReCore , as well as teamed it up with Armature Studios, that it’s able to have a chance at being something more than that, and it’ll genuinely be interesting to see how the masses react to the final product.

ReCore is set to arrive exclusively for Xbox One and Windows PC in 2016.