Horror Movie Franchise [REC] Being Made Into First Person Shooter

REC Movie First Person Shooter Game

Prepare for the next entry to the horror genre of gaming by welcoming Spanish film franchise [REC] that will make its debut early next year. If you are a fan of classic infection video games like Resident Evil then [REC] will be a game that fans are likely to seek out — just like the movies.

[REC] debuted in 2007, helmed by directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, as they attempted to earn the respect of the first person faux documentary style shooting — and respect is what they got. Much like what The Blair Witch Project did for first-person horror documentaries, [REC] received critical acclaim overseas and then made its way over to the US where it also found a strong fan base; strong enough to earn itself an American remake, Quarantine.

The success of [REC] did not go unnoticed as the two filmmakers carried out a sequel and will be continuing with another sequel in 2012 and again in 2013. Tonika Games, a design studio in Spain, had also taken an interest in the films and have picked up the rights, in agreement with Flimax, to produce a video game based off the [REC] franchise. Within the [REC] video game adaptation there will be four worlds split up based on the four films respectively that will faithfully follow each story.

Developed with Unity3D technology, a powerful game engine designed to produce games on multiple platforms, [REC] will provide players with an immersive experience told in first person modeled after scenarios designed to relive the eerie apartment building seen in the films. The design of the game will closely take into account the atmosphere of the movies with low dynamic lighting and a special surround sound library for that extra uncomfortable edge. And of course, depending on which character gamers will be playing as the weapons will be limited and selected carefully based on the events of the films.

There is no exact release date set for [REC], but expect it to be available for the iPhone, iPad, PC, Blackberry, and Android tablet in the following languages: Castilian, English, French, Italian and German. The game will go for €2.99 and will hopefully be available sometime in first quarter of 2012.

Ranters, if you have seen the films, does this game excite you? Do you wish it was a platform game?


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