Rebellion Denies Aliens vs Predator Sequel

Contrary to, at one point, being interested in creating a sequel for their Aliens vs Predator title, Rebellion Studios has now stated they have no interest in creating a sequel to the franchise reboot at the moment. The slightly above average game was released last year – and contrary to the “critical success” Rebellion claimed, the title hit shelves to lukewarm reviews and lackluster sales.

One of the contributing factors behind Rebellion‘s decision is Gearbox Studios’ own Aliens game currently en route, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

SEGA West CEO, Mike Hayes explains the studio’s decision in an interview with Eurogamer.

“[AVP] was so successful that naturally you would think you want to do a sequel. But we already had Aliens: Colonial Marines in the pipeline at Gearbox.

“The Aliens universe is so interesting that there are different things that we can do before we go back to an idea of sequelisation. There’s a lot more we can do first before we would consider doing a sequel on AVP.”

The Aliens vs Predator franchise enjoyed a lot of love and admiration for its atmosphere and varying play styles – back when it originally released on the PC in 1999. While a reboot of a reboot might not be entirely necessary, Hayes’ quote suggest that the studio would like to play around with some new ideas in different games before injecting them into a new AVP game.

In the meantime, we’ll have to get our Aliens through Gearbox; though, while a game based solely on the space marines could be amazing, it’s still no Aliens vs Predator.

The latest AVP title wasn’t a total misfire though – since it expanded on the Xenomorph and Yautja culture as well as improved gameplay mechanics for each species – such as crawling on walls or super jumping. However, the campaign and multiplayer could have used some more work and fine tuning, but the experience wasn’t entirely a loss.

To see another AVP game in the future would be exciting, but Hayes probably feels the next project will be undergoing a lot more work and redesign before any announcements will be made.

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Source: Eurogamer