Some Reasons Why You Should Try 'Heroes Of Newerth'

Why you should play Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is a game that has most likely gone unnoticed for the duration of its premiere as a beta-only title revealed some time in the Summer of 2009. It was officially released for a reasonably low price of thirty dollars on May 12, 2010 but it is not available in stores, so to purchase this game you must go directly to the site and buy it there.

I got my hands on the game in October and have been a supporter of the unique qualities of the game. Heroes of Newerth, shortened to HoN, was created by S2 Games and is a full version of the classic game mode from Warcraft III called Defenders of the Ancients (DoTA). HoN features two conflicting sides, The Legion and Helbourne, in which the users, controlling heroes from a classic Real Time Strategy (RTS) perspective, attempt to break through the enemies defences and destroy the opposing team’s Tree of Life (Legion) or Sacrificial Shrine (Helbourne). Some reasons you should play Heroes of Newerth are because of the unique qualities and the new experience it offers.

The New Experience

The ‘New Experience’ as in ‘You have never played a game like this before....unless you played DoTA’ is a good place to start. The game presents three different maps playable by teams of one to five. You can pick various types and rules for games such as Easy Mode, which brings gold in faster to buy items and makes Creeps easier to kill, or Normal Mode, which is the complete opposite of Easy Mode. The other game modes create rules on which hero you can select.

For example, the best mode is called Single Draft where your character choice is dependiant on a random three heroes that can be used; there are many game modes you can test and play depending on the way you like to game. Gameplay is rather straightforward as the objectives are to stay alive (thus not getting yelled at by the World of Warcraft Elitists) to kill enemy heroes, and destroy the enemy’s Main Structure (described above).

Heroes Of Newerth screenshot

Unique Qualities

The heroes are many and unique on different levels, categorized into three primary aspects in which they excel at; Agility, Strength or Intelligence (can be melee or ranged). After choosing a hero, the player will be immersed into the realm of Newerth. In the most popular map, Forest of Cavandar, players will divide into one of three lanes with the center lane usually spared for the carry or the best player who will gank (kill) enemy heroes and provide the team with greater chances for victory.

When the players enter Newerth, they will be placed in a protected sanctuary (pool) that replenishes health and mana. Next to the pool is the shop that has items for sale that boost stats, give extra abilities and power-up the heroes’ skills. Each hero has an unique set of four skills that apply either to target, area of effect (aoe), multiple targets, movements, speed boosts and much more which you will have to see for yourself! This should be familiar to experience Warcraft players. The game’s final feature is the ability of progression of your hero through the levels while upgrading your skills, adding numbers to your heroes stats, and killing an army of creeps (who appear in allied bases and attack other creeps and heroes in the same lane) and re-spawned heroes getting experience and cash; and much much more.

S2 games has done an amazing job developing the game and is constantly updating it with new heroes and new features. Player’s statistics in ranked game play are recorded and if the user is unhappy with their stats, they can always pay S2 to get them reset. If you have not already bought the game now and are still reading this... you are missing all the action of Newerth. If thirty dollars is beyond your budget, S2 hosts free gaming weekends during holidays for everyone to test out.

Also, from August 1st through 9th, Heroes of Newerth is free to play so now is your chance!

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