EA Exec: Dreamcast Failed Because of Sega Saturn

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Electronic Arts CCO Peter Moore reveals in a new interview that the reason SEGA failed as a console manufacturer was because it "burned too many bridges" with its Saturn system.

Those familiar with the medium known as 'video games' will likely recall a time when a company called SEGA had a gaming console in the 'race'. Indeed, at one point the former hardware manufacturer was going head-to-head with the likes of Nintendo and Sony, but this momentum came to a screeching halt following the release of its Dreamcast platform. As it turns out, the system may have been doomed right from the get-go – at least, that is according to current Electronic Arts Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore.

Moore actually kickstarted his career in the gaming industry as an executive at SEGA before the developer launched the Dreamcast. Detailing the struggles of launching a brand new platform with IGN, Moore brought up the fact that he believed that the ill will established by the SEGA Saturn was responsible for the inevitably insurmountable odds that the team faced during that point in time.

"When I first arrived at SEGA that was our first challenge: 'how do we somewhat apologize for the Saturn and then really position a fresh start with the Dreamcast.'"

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Speaking to how SEGA was unwilling to adapt to the changes in the gaming landscape at the time, Moore alluded to just how out of touch the company had become. According to the current COO of Electronic Arts, the developer wanted to simply call its next console the Dreamcast. Evidently, Moore did not let that happen.

"The minimal research I had time to do [indicated] there was still tremendous good will, which there still is today, for the SEGA brand, so I insisted on putting SEGA Dreamcast on the box and calling it the SEGA Dreamcast."

Hearing about the struggles of putting together campaigns for long shuttered platforms is always an engaging trip down memory lane. Hearing the perspectives of those that helped to bring a platform like the Dreamcast to consumers reveals just how much planning and work goes into preparing for a launch as big as a new piece of hardware. While there's little doubt that a myriad of factors eventually lead to the downfall of SEGA as a console manufacturer, pointing out the ill will amongst gamers in the wake of the SEGA Saturn as a large contributing factor doesn't seem all that farfetched.

While the system may no longer be in production, it's important to note that at least fans still have a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog game on the horizon to look forward to. Heck, Dreamcast owners even have a homebrew version of Pokemon GO to anticipate. That's not too shabby for a system that's been scrapped since the early 2000s.

Source: IGN

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