If you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest content added to Minecraft this week, be sure to read our Minecraft 1.5 update guide to see the new items and bug fixes. For those of you looking for something more real from your 1-by-1 blocky obsession, then you’ll want to check out Meatcraft, an art project by University students who created a Minecraft-themed set you can walk into and play with.

The display was put on in March at San Jose State University where visitors were encouraged to walk past the life-size Creeper guarding the entrance to come in and play with the cardboard Minecraft blocks. There’s a large bin of dirt (grass & snow covered), gravel and stone blocks and you can dig in to find the valuable iron ore and other goodies.

There’s even a crafting table where you can use Minecraft’s tools, including pick axes and even iron swords! The walls of the display are textured just like the default Minecraft style and believe it or not, they had working torches.

No livestock though, but take a look at the gallery:

Now that you’ve seen this, you must watch the Minecraft video, titled ‘The Last Minecart‘ which also brings the video game to life, in a rather violent and zombie-filled way.

I wonder how long until some companies come to Notch for licensing toys and other merchandise. There are already plenty of expensive creeper t-shirts out there, why not board games? Even Angry Birds has its own board game.

If you’re aware of the Minecraft phenomenon but haven’t had a chance to check it out or are unsure if it’s worth buying yet, check out the new Minecraft demo which gives you 90 minutes of access to everything the game has to offer.

Minecraft releases its full version November 11, 2011.

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